Online Casino Tournaments

A slot machine (or machines) tournament is an event hosted by Slots City Online Casino where players go face-to-face on online slots to show their best result and win real money prizes. In doing so, the Slot City Online Casino establishes the following set of rules:

  • The exact date of the slots tournament
  • Timeslots when bets are made
  • Betting limits
  • The winning requirements
  • The maximum amount of money that can be won
  • Cash prizes that can be won
  • Terms and conditions on how the prizes are awarded – usually, a prize will be credited to your account within 1 hour
  • Winner notifications
  • Eligibility requirements

Online slots tournaments at Slots City Casino boast an impressive prize pool! After all, in order to compete for a prize in a slots tournament, you only need to play your favorite online slot machine.

Yet, there are various tournaments available across Slots City Online Casino where we don’t offer the prize to a single winner, but it could be 10 players or more who will be awarded real money prizes. This feature makes Slots City Online Casino tournaments very exciting to play, as you will have a chance to win massive cash prizes.

Why Online Slots Tournaments?

Online slots tournaments hosted by Slots City are an awesome opportunity to challenge and generally advance your online slot playing skills. The main benefit of playing an online slots tournament is the fact that you will know how much it would cost you before you even start to play. At Slots City Casino, we also offer slot machine tournaments that have pre-established prize pools and don’t require an entry fee or buy-in from the player. Additionally, online slots tournaments at our casino give you an understanding of online slot machines in general; thus, you get the experience, and without buy-in requirements, you don’t even risk your own funds.

The Best Way to Practice for an Online Slot Tournament

Here at Slots City Online Casino, we have a great opportunity to improve and practice your online slot machine skills as we offer free demo online slots. As we said previously, our online casino offers at least 4500 fully licensed, splendid casino slot games, and each of them has a free demo version. Essentially, it depends on your preferences and imagination which slot to use for the sake of practice. By playing demo slots, you can advance your strategies and prepare yourself for an online slot machine tournament.

Types of Tournaments

At Slots City Online Casino, there are at least 2 main types of online slot machine tournaments.

  • Scheduled Tournaments - are one of the most common types of slot machine online tournaments available at our casino. It’s a single-entry tournament. The casino announces this type of tournament in advance. You can play that by logging into your casino account and paying the buy-in fee. For example, you can deposit or buy-in $10 to win a $1000 real money prize.
  • In these types of tournaments, as well as other types of tournaments that we will discuss subsequently, the winner is determined according to the leaderboard. Let’s get back to our online slot machine tourney discussed previously with the prize pool of $1000; here, there will be at least 10 players who will be eligible to get prizes, and thus they will receive the real money prize from the prize pool of this tournament. To advance your position on the leaderboard, you need to play, roll high, and spin the wheel multiple times. The more points you get, the higher you’ll rank, and the person in the highest position wins! In our case, the 10 highest positions will be awarded.
  • Slots Freerolls Tournaments – our online casino offers many of them, and of course, you don’t have to buy in to participate in a freeroll. You just need to be early enough to register for this type of tournament. The main advantage of slot machine freeroll is that you’ll have a chance to win real money without risking your own funds. However, we warn you straight away that a huge number of players usually take part in such tournaments; thus, it won’t be easy to get your hands on the prize. It’s all about competition, luck, and fortune!
  • Slots Rebuy Tournaments – some tournaments hosted by Slots City Online Casino provide you with the opportunity to buy additional credits directly during the tournament. The rebuy option has the significant advantage of allowing you to compete uninterruptedly until the end of the tournament; thus, resulting in more wins

Online Slot Tournament Strategy: Tips from Slots City Online Casino

  • If you are participating in an online slots freeroll tournament where we give you an impressive number of credits, however, the time is limited, then you must stay focused and spin the wheel as fast as practicable. It is so because any credit left over will be instantly lost. On the other hand, if you make small bets, there is a possibility that you won’t manage to use all your credits within the given time.
  • An entirely different strategy would apply to the tournaments where we give you a small number of credits. There is no need to rush here! You just have to take it easy and enjoy the game, while your opponents will gradually withdraw from the tournament.
    • How to Choose the Best Slots City Online Casino Slot Tournaments?

      You may find many interesting and useful facts that will boost your chances of winning Slots City Online Casino tournaments by going to our official website section, “Tournaments.” In most of the slot machines tournaments offered by Slots City, you can win real money.

      When choosing the best online slots tournament, you should consider the following:

      • Buy-in deposit requirement
      • Online slot machines involved
      • The number of participants
      • Prize types
      • General rules
      • Principles of prize distribution
      • The time and date of the event

      Another great benefit for you is that Slots City Online Casino is fully licensed in Curacao and Ukraine. We can legally conduct online slots tournaments and provide our guests with secure, transparent, and encrypted gaming.

      Where Can I Play Slots Tournaments Online?

      At Slots City Online Casino, we have various slot tournaments on a regular basis. To participate in any of these, you just have to register at our online casino and choose the most desirable tournament. All you have to do is to open our official website,, play and win. There is no need for you to download any application, as all of the online slots tournaments can be played directly from your favorite browser on the following platforms: Android, Windows, or Mac OS.

      On our official website, you can find a list of available online slots tournaments. The list includes the name of the tournament, online slot machines involved, registration start/end date, prizes, and entry fee.

      Prizes at Online Slots Tournaments

      In general, the main factors that determine the prize pool of online slots tournaments at Slots City Online Casino are; the duration of the tournament, the number of participants, and the rules of a particular tournament. The prize pool at our casino can be either fixed or progressive.

      In some cases, we ask for a deposit (buy-in) fee from the player to participate in the slots tournament. The said buy-in sum determines a guaranteed prize pool. Yet, if there are many players participating in the tournament, then the prize pool would be evidently greater too.

      Themes of Online Slots Tournaments

      At Slots City Online Casino tournaments, we deliver elite-level and world-class entertainment for all our guests. A variety of themes and a massive number of online slot machines allow us to host online slots tournaments on different themes. At Slots City, we offer you the following themed online slots tournaments:

      If you prefer historically themed online slot machines, we may offer you the ROYAL GAMES tournament with a prize pool of $1700. It’s all about queens and kings! Historians have suggested that the term “king” is derived from the king of the German Franks – Charlemagne or Charles the Great. In fact, Charlemagne is considered to be the “Father of Europe.” He was the first king to rule Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire. The territory of his possessions reached the borders of the modern EU.

      Slots City offers you the best and most popular slots in the world that contain the words; “King or Queen” in their name. This tournament is charged with excitement, luck, and power of the ruling dynasties.

      This slot tourney consists of at least 22 different online slot games – King Colossus, Crystal Queen, Ice Queen, Queen of Atlantics, Buffalo King Megaways, Queen of Gold, Emerald King, Barn Kings, Charming Queens, Elven Princesses, Queens of Glory, 40 Lucky Kings, 4 of a King, Fire King, African King, Fruit King! Cash Respin, Queen of Fire, Lucky Queen, Carnival Queen, Book of Queen, Fire Queen, Queen of Queens.

      Participate in the ROYAL GAMES tournament if you wish to become one of 10 contenders for the throne and get a chance to win a $1700 cash prize straight out of the imperial treasury.

      We know that the guests of Slots City Online Casino favor the spirit of competition. For this purpose, we offer many classically themed online slots as well as jewel-themed online slots in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE tournament. If you truly want to compete with other players and become the CHAMP, you will definitely be satisfied. Champions are made, not born! In fact, before the Second War, the Ukrainian national football club Dynamo Kyiv won the death match against the enemy. It was a legendary and heroic game, and the Dynamo Kyiv team had to play at gunpoint. Our history simply glorifies the national football club – Dynamo Kyiv. GLORY TO UKRAINE! GLORY TO HEROES!

      This online slot machines tournament consists of the following legendary games: Nautilus, Joker’s Fruit Golden Edition, Mariner, Computer World, Rise of Imperium, Hot Sevens 7, Box of RA, Fire Rage, Simple Diamond, Ultra 7 Hot BAR, Mysterious Jewels, Fortune Star, BAR Extra Super 7.

      In the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE tournament, you will compete for a prize pool of at least $3400. The prize will be shared between 10 champions who will pave the way to the finals. Prizes are distributed according to the leaderboard. It means that the best players in the tournament will be awarded!

      Feeling lucky? Win big in the MASCOT tournament, which is hosted by the Slots City Online Casino. It is another great online slots tournament hosted by the casino. The prize pool for this tournament is $3400. A mascot originally is any human, animal, or object that brings luck! In particular, it brings luck if it is linked to a particular tournament. As we mentioned previously, winning a slot tournament is all about luck and skills.

      Relatively new to the market, however, already experienced and well-known online slots developer of the Mascot is inventing great slot machines games and thematic ideas. So, if you wish to be entertained, and receive valuable prizes, then go ahead and spin the wheel to win real money at the MASCOT tournament.

      The software developer for Mascot divides his online slot machine into two categories: Traffic Slots that provide interesting bonuses and exciting plots and Profit Slots that emphasize winning. Naturally, it is detrimental for every player who desires to maximize his chances and win slot tournaments.

      The MASCOT online slot machines tournament consists of the following games – Casino Hold’em, Cleopatra’s Gems Rockways, The Evil Bet, Pinup Dolls Risk & Buy, Dragons Nest, Primal Bet Rockways, For the Realm, Twin Fruits of Santa, Fairytale Coven, Book of Amaterasu, Fruit Monaco, Fruit Macau, 3 Corsairs, Queen of Spades, Twin Fruits of Olympus, Fruits of Luxor, Zeus the Thunderer, Bastet and Cats, the Myth, Prince of Persia: the Gems of Persepolis, Merry Scary Christmas, Aloha Tiki Bar, Benny’s the Biggest Game, Legioner, the Tomb: Dragon Emperor’s Treasure, Hell’Sing, Gryphons Castle, Fruit Vegas, Wild Spirit, Red Horde, Gemz Grow, Baccarat, Black Jack, Bamboo Bear, Riot, Robin of Loxley, Purple Pills, Merlin’s Tower, Mermaid’s Bay, Venetian Magic, the Rite, Cancan Saloon, Northern Heat, ReKill, Lions Pride and Anksunamun: the Queen of Egypt.

      Universe of Mascots – enables Risk & Buy feature in particular online slots machines. By virtue of it, you will have an option to instantly buy free spins without the need to wait for scatters.

      For example, in the Red Horde online slot machine, there are chests located on the right side of the reel. Each unsuccessful launch opens one of the chests and makes the symbol that drops from it become wild.

      Slots City Online Casino tournaments are player-focused, and we try to ensure that you make the most of your chances to win an online slots tournament at our casino.


      How do you participate in an online slots tournament?

      Register on the Slots City Online Casino website, choose the online slot machine you desire to play from the list of tournament games, and spin the wheel. The starting price for a bet is $1.

      How do we create a real-time leaderboard ranking?

      The leaderboard table is formed and updated in real-time. The leaderboard is a visualization of the achievements of each participant in the tournament. It shows the points scored by each participant in descending order.

      How can I get my prize or real money won?

      You will be awarded your real money prize once the tournament is done. Within 1 hour of completion of the tournament, the prizes will be awarded to the winners in the section “Bonuses.”