Sports Betting at Slots City - Place Bets on Your Favorite Sports

Before diving into sports betting with Slots City, you must be conversant with markets. These are simply specific outcomes of a fixture. Sportsbook lists them to help punters decide on what options they want to bet on for a particular sport. You will find these for both popular and niche games at online sports betting site Slots City.

Despite having a name that leans more toward the casino industry, the online gambling platform doubles as a sportsbook. It covers a lot of events and provides odds for them in the lobby. Hundreds of these markets exist, but a few top the list, and they're as follows:


Placing a moneyline bet means picking the team or player to win a match or contest. This is the simplest type of wager one can cover. You don't need to calculate anything complicated when opting for this option. As such, it's highly recommended for beginners.

Keep in mind that there are favorites and underdogs even for this betting option. The former is the side with the best chance of winning. They have lower odds; hence, a winning favorite wager pays less. On the other hand, the underdogs have lower winning chances but higher odds. So, such stakes pay better when successful.

Point Spread

As already noted, in sports betting Canada, there are stronger and weaker teams. To level the playing field between both sides, bookmakers offer the point spread. They provide an advantage for the underdog and place the favorite at a disadvantage. Let's take the following market as an example:

Team A

-5.0 (favorite)

Team B

+5.0 (underdog)

In this case, Team A must win by more than five points to cover the spread. Meanwhile, Team B must lose by less than five points or win outright for the underdog bet to pay. So, if the game ends in 10:6, a favorite wager loses because Team A won by only four points.


Another common option you'll find when engaging in online sports betting in Canada is over/under. Also known as totals, it involves predicting that a score will be more or less than a specific threshold.

For instance, you place a wager at Slots City online betting site on the total goals scored in a football match being over 5. In this case, you win if both teams score six or more goals. Conversely, a stake in under 5 wins if the game ends with four or fewer goals.


Top Canadian online sports betting sites like Slots City offer long-term markets for leagues and competitions like the Super Bowl and the NBA. These are called future markets. Simply put, a future bet is one you place on long-term outcomes that could take days, weeks, or months to pay out.

Sportsbooks that present such options will offer odds very early, before the actual tournament begins. These lines are usually better when the start date is farther from when you place your stake. As the date nears, bookies adjust the odds, making them less profitable.

Game Props

Unlike other markets that center around possible outcomes, props betting online is a little different. It's a type of side wager that might have nothing to do with the event's final outcome. Good examples include wagering on the following:

  • The first player to score in a football match
  • Which teams will change coaches
  • A quarterback's passing yards in football
  • Number of points a basketball player scores
  • A pitcher's strikeouts in baseball

Sports Betting Markets at Slots City

Slots City stands as the best betting website for Canadian players because of its extensive coverage. It provides hundreds of markets split across various sports, some of them being:


No other sport has managed to beat soccer in popularity. The game captures the hearts of enthusiasts with its fast-paced action and talented players. Soccer has a well-packed calendar, so there are matches to look forward to throughout the year. You'll find betting options for the Premier League, the Champions League, the Serie A, the Bundesliga, and others.

In terms of markets, several also exist. There's a final result where you wager on the possible outcome of a match. Another is double chance, which involves wagering on options like home win or draw, away win or draw, and home or away win. Both teams to score, Asian handicaps and half-time/full-time are other popular football markets on this Canadian sports betting platform.


The speed and agility of players, coupled with split-second decisions, make hockey a beloved sport in Canada. Over the years, several tournaments have sprung up, including the World Cup Hockey and the Stanley Cup. It has also been part of the Winter Olympics since 1920.

When it comes to online sports betting Canada at Slots City, you'll find various hockey markets. Player props, game props, and picking teams to win tournaments are some of the most common ones you'll find.


The NBA is basketball's most popular league and draws attention with its scheduled games and talented players. However, Slots City covers many other tournaments besides the league's games. These include March Madness, the FIBA Basketball World Cup, and the FIBA EuroBasket.

Like soccer, basketball has a plethora of online betting markets for Canadians. Moneylines and point spreads are the most common. Over/Under, player props and futures are other well-known options available at the best betting site.


A popular sport with a rich history, baseball features numerous prestigious tournaments for national and professional teams. One of these is the World Series, which pits the American League against the National League. Others include the World Baseball Classic and the College World Series.

At this Canada sports betting site, there are odds for multiple events. Popular markets include moneylines, point spreads, totals, and player props.

Sport Betting Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are the highlights of the best betting site Canada players prefer to gamble at. While Slots City doesn't fall back on this trend, it doesn't provide sport-specific deals. Instead, you can take advantage of match-up packages, which also contain free spins for enjoying a few casino games. Meet the terms and conditions attached to these offers, and you can cash out your winnings without hassle.

How Betting Odds Work

Besides markets, you should note how odds work before engaging in sports betting. These are basically numbers that indicate the possibility of something happening. They also determine your potential payout. For instance, a game with 2/1 fractional odds will pay $200 for $100. This means that you will get a total of $300 if that wager is successful.

These betting odds can be displayed in various formats on Slots City, including:

  • American,
  • Decimal,
  • European,
  • Fractional,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Malaysian.

How to Start Betting on Sports with Slots City

Engaging in sports betting online is easy, provided you have an account. Thankfully, creating one takes only a few minutes to complete. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Launch the sport betting site and tap the registration icon.
  2. You can choose to register directly on the platform using your email or phone number.
  3. If you pick the first option, provide a working email and a strong password.
  4. For the second, enter a working phone number and a password.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions and tap the green register button at the bottom of the screen.

Placing Bets

Once done, funding your account comes next. To do this, tap the deposit icon and pick a payment method. Enter the amount you want to deposit and follow the prompts to complete the transaction. With the funds you transfer, you can place stakes at the sport betting site by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the lobby and choose one of the sports.
  • Pick an event. This automatically shows the available markets.
  • Select the market you want. The sportsbook adds this to your bet slip.
  • You can then choose your odds.
  • From the bet slip, set the amount you want to wager.
  • Confirm the amount and submit the stake.