These general terms and conditions are effective from 1th August 2022. All previous terms and conditions are superseded and replaced by these terms and conditions.


1. Licensing

2. General information

3. Parties

4. Restricted territories

5. Definitions

6. Rules of the game

7. Tournament / promotion rules

8. Registration and User Game Account

9. Closing of the Game Account

10. Inactive and dormant Game Account

11. Underage gambling

12. Game Account restrictions

13. Game Account security and password

14. Verification checks

15. Duplicate Game Account (multi-account)

16. Non transferability

17. Deposits and withdrawals

18. Gambling betting

19. Refund Policy

20. Balance, bonus, wagering (play through) requirements

21. User rights

22. User obligations

23. The User is prohibited from

24. Provider rights

25. Warranty

26. User liability

27. Limitation of liability

28. Intellectual property rights

29. Changing the T&Cs


1.1. The website www.slotscity.com ("Website") is owned and operated by SHARKSCODE B.V. (“Provider”).

1.2. These Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) govern the relationship between you (the "User") and Provider, acting under the laws of Curaçao, License no. 8048/JAZ2020-073 issued by the Antillephone N.V. as of December 23, 2020, according to the Master Gaming License no. 8048/JAZ2020.

1.3. Email address for contacting the customer service:

[email protected]

1.4. Registration address: Heelsumstraat 51 E-Commerce Park Vredenberg, Curaçao.

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2.1. These T&Cs govern all materials, resources and services offered by the Provider within the Website, in the event that there are no special and / or additional conditions. The means of using the services provided, including personal computers, mobile devices and / or other types of software and / or equipment, do not have any influence on the scope of these T&Cs.

2.2. Using any of the links, games and materials of the Website, as well as participating in any of the Tournaments or promotions, the User confirms that s/he is fully familiar with these T&Cs, consumer Privacy Policy and KYC procedure that govern the relationship between the User and the Provider within the Website.

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3.1. The User unconditionally agrees with the T&Cs, as well as the Privacy Policy of consumer data and the KYC procedure, and fully accepts them. The moment of full acceptance of the T&Cs, as well as the Privacy Policy of consumer data and full confirmation of the Client's acceptance of the KYC procedure, is the moment of the User registration on the Website.

3.2. From the aforementioned moment, the agreement between the Provider and the User of the Website is considered concluded by accepting a public offer by the User on the basis specified in this T&Cs, consumer Privacy Policy and KYC procedure ("Agreement").

3.3. The User's registration on the site is a confirmation of his/her full, unconditional and unbreakable agreement.

3.4. Also by accepting these T&Cs, the User certifies that s/he is of sufficient age to consider agreements with the Provider regarding acceptance and compliance with T&Cs in the User's country of residence/citizenship, or that the User has obtained permission from his/her parents or guardians to enter into agreements with the Provider under the terms of applicable law.

3.5. Sufficient age may vary by country, region, province and territory. However, the User, by accepting these T&Cs, confirms that s/he is at least nineteen (19) years old.

3.6. The User is responsible for being authorized to enter into this agreement. The User is also personally responsible for ensuring that s/he does not violate applicable laws by using the games provided by the Website.

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4.1. The Website services are not provided to Users located in Australia, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, France, the Netherlands, Saba, Statia, St. Maarten, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, the USA, all of the named Nations' Territories and Possessions and in the province of Ontario in Canada, Belarus, Russian Federation, the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine.

4.2. Also the Website services are not provided to Users located in Afghanistan, American Samoa, Barbados, Botswana, Burundi, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Cuba, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) or North Korea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Fiji, Guam, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Myanmar (Burma), Nicaragua, Pakistan, Palau, Palestine, Samoa, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, The Crimea Region (Russia/Ukraine), Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe and any other jurisdiction that the Central Government of Curaçao deems online gambling illegal.

4.3. Using the Website is not allowed in territories with an undefined legal status ("Excluded Territories"). The User cannot accept these T&Cs if s/he:

4.3.1. Has no right to use the Site and its Games and/or Services if it is prohibited by law in the country in which the User is located or resides/country of his/her citizenship.

4.3.2. Has not reached the age of majority to conclude an Agreement with the Provider.

4.3.3. Is located in an Excluded Territory.

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5.1. User – an individual with sufficient legal capacity to conclude the Agreement, duly authorized (registered) on the Website, who is granted the right to use the Website games in accordance with the T&Cs, consumer data Privacy Policy and the KYC procedure. If a fictitious user is registered as a User of the Website, in order to comply with the T&Cs, the User will be the person who actually uses the Game Account of this fictitious person to access the games of this Website.

5.2. Game – a multimedia product posted on the Website, which is an independent copyright object serving for the organization of gameplay, and is also a computer program that includes game resources, add-ons, updates to the game and databases.

5.3. A Tournament on the Website is a competition in online games played according to the rules set by the Provider for a specific period of time. It is a requirement of the tournament to have a prize pool and to determine the number of winners, among whom this pool will be divided at the end of the tournament.

5.4. A Promotion on the Website is an event held within a certain period of time with the purpose of attracting, entertaining, encouraging, increasing the gaming activity of Users, as well as advertising the game service presented on the Website.

5.4.1. In the framework of the promotion various bonuses may be provided to the Users: free spins in certain slot machines with a certain bet, accrual of additional amount to the User's Bonus Balance either as a percentage of the deposit made, or as a certain amount, etc.

5.4.2. Bonuses in the promotion can be provided under the condition of making a deposit of some amount, or without a deposit. Most often, bonuses are provided with wagering requirements.

5.4.3. The terms and conditions of certain promotions are posted on the Website for the duration of them.

5.5. Tournament/Promotion Rules – the provisions according to which the User participates in the tournament/promotion.

5.6. Legislation – the legislation of the Republic of Curacao, as well as the legislation of the User's state or the state in which the User is located or resides, as the case may be.

5.7. Content – texts, audio and video files, graphics, animation, images and other information created for the games and their filling.

5.8. Game Account – is a personal cabinet accessible only to the user and authorized employees of the Website, which contains the User's profile with financial information, settings, messages, verification, bonuses and other information. A Game Account is created after User registration on the Website and allows the User to deposit for betting and also allows the Provider to identify (admit) each User.

5.9. Game rules – provisions according to which the User participates in the game process.

5.10. Website – the Provider's licensed website https://slotscity.com.

5.11. Services – any services that may be provided by the Provider to the User through the Website, the use of games, participation in tournaments and promotions, including, but not limited to, the support service.

5.12. Game Resources – all servers, software, portal, databases that are associated with this Website and its games / tournaments / promotions.

5.13. Random Number Generator is a component (including remote) of slot machines. When conducting gambling games on the Website, it creates a sequence of unrelated numbers and guarantees the random nature of the winnings (prize).

5.14.Jackpot is the maximum win (prize) provided by the rules of gambling, the amount of which is set by the organizer of the games of chance or determined depending on the total number of bets made by users.

5.15. Responsible Gambling –a basic principle of the organization and conduct of gambling, provides for the implementation by the Website of measures to prevent and minimize the negative consequences of an individual's participation in gambling, as well as measures aimed at organizing self-restriction and self-control for Users.

5.16. RTP (Return to Player) – the average percentage of the amount of bets received from Users, which is returned to them after making one million runs at a particular slot machine.

5.17. A bet on the Website is an amount in money determined by the User to start a slot machine, a roulette wheel, a card machine or other games. Making a bet is a prerequisite for participation in the game of chance. The amount of winnings is the corresponding to the size of the bet.

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6.1. The rules of the game for each of the games presented on the Website are available directly in the section of each of the games.

6.2. Access to the game. The Provider grants the User the right to use the games of the Website, in accordance with the T&Cs, in the territory specified in the T&Cs, as well as in the provisions of the consumer data Privacy Policy and the KYC Procedure.

6.3. How to use the game. The User has the right to use the Demo version of the game for free, but without the opportunity to profit from it. To be able to make a profit, the User must deposit into his Game Account at least the minimum amount of money established in certain rules of the games and these T&Cs.

6.4. The role of the Provider. The operation and maintenance of the games on the site is carried out exclusively by the Provider or its authorized representatives.

6.5. All of the games on the Website are on the side of the game providers. Thus the Provider of the Website has no influence on the results of the games.

6.6. Territory. The Provider has the right to determine the territory to operate the Website and to provide Users with access to the use of the Games and Website services.

6.7. Updates. From time to time, the Provider may provide new updates and versions of the Games on the Website, the content of which is at the sole discretion of the Provider.

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7.1. Tournament / promotion rules for each of the specific tournaments / promotions (including, but not limited to, mechanics, organization, conditions of participation, tournament / promotion prize fund) are determined directly in the information about each Tournament in the "Tournaments" / “Promotions” section of the Website.

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8.1. Participation in gambling on the Website is possible only after registration, followed by automatic creation of a User Game Account and the setting up of a balance at the moment the first deposit is credited to it.

8.2. Registration is carried out on the website slotscity.com through:

8.2.1. Google account.

8.2.2. Facebook account.

8.2.3. Email account.

8.2.4. Cell phone number.

8.3. Registration using email and phone number requires creating your own password for personalized login to the Website.

8.4. To register and open a Game Account on the Website, the User has to fill out the registration form. The Provider reserves the right to refuse to open a Game Account.

8.5. The User must enter all the required information in the registration form, namely, to confirm his identity, indicate his/her actual email address and phone number, nickname, and create a unique login password.

8.6. All information entered must be genuine and valid. The User is fully responsible for the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information s/he provides, and thus confirms and assures the Provider that the information provided by the User is true, genuine and correct.

8.7. The name and surname in the verified documents must strictly correspond to the name and surname of the owner of payment cards, settlement accounts and payment wallets used for transactions.

8.8. If the personal information of the User changes, s/he must contact the support service (email [email protected], chat on the Website or call the phone number listed on the Website) to apply these changes to the registration data of the Profile section "Settings". In case of failure to comply with these requirements, the payment of winnings, accrual of bonuses, etc. may be suspended, and the Game Account may be blocked.

8.9. The User is informed and agrees that Provider conducts the verification procedure of the User placing deposits, both independently and with the participation of third parties, and if the User provides false or misleading information, the User Game Account may be blocked or closed on the Website.

8.10. The withdrawal of winnings from the User's Game Account may be limited during the verification process.

8.11. Registered Users are assigned an individual ID, as well as a nickname (name on the site), similar to the specified email or random (when registering by phone number).

8.12. The Users can change his/her nickname and password at any time in the "Settings" section of the Profile.

8.13. If you have any questions or problems during the registration process, please contact customer service at [email protected], or through online chat, or by phone, the number is listed on the website slotscity.com.

8.14. All funds on the balance of the User, as well as money substitutes, belong to the User on a legal basis, except as separately provided by applicable law and these T&Cs.

8.15. The User acknowledges and agrees that his/her Game Account is not a bank account and therefore insurance, guarantees, replenishment or any other protection against deposit insurance or bank insurance, as well as any similar insurance systems, will not be available. No interest is charged on the funds in the Game Account.

8.16. By registering and gambling freely, at your own volition and risk, each User fully understands and accepts the possibility of losing monetary bets and the absence of any legal basis for a claim against the Website.

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9.1. The User can close his/her Game Account at any time, by contacting the customer service.

9.2. The Provider will return all funds from the User's account on the Website, less any applicable withdrawal fees to the User. The refund method is at the discretion of the Provider.

9.3. The Provider reserves the right to close the User's account on the Website and return the User's available balance from his Game Account, minus the applicable withdrawal fees at the sole discretion of the Provider and without any obligation to provide a reason or prior notice if these obligations violate a trade secret or may damage the Provider.

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10.1. An Inactive Game Account is an account that has not been accessed for 12 (twelve) months and has a real cash balance. The Provider will contact the User if the User Game Account is inactive.

10.1.1. If the Provider is unable to contact the User within 12 (twelve) months from the moment of his last login, the Provider will charge an administrative fee for maintaining the User Account in the amount of 10 CAD or the equivalent in another currency (or the current balance of Game Account, if less) per month and will make the necessary efforts to contact the User.

10.1.2. If the User account becomes Dormant and the Provider is unable to contact the User, the Provider will close the User Account and withdraw the balance from the Game Account in accordance with applicable law.

10.2. A Dormant Game Account is an account that has not been accessed for thirty (30) months and has a real cash balance.

10.2.1. If within thirty (30) months no transactions have been registered on the User Account on the site, the User Game Account will be considered Dormant. The Provider will make every effort to return the account balance to the User.

10.2.2. By default, this balance will be debited from the User's Game Account. A similar procedure applies to locked out accounts.

10.2.3. After the User Game Account is closed, the obligations of the previous agreement will continue to be binding.

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11.1. Access to the Website may be a crime on the part of persons under the legal age to use the Website. If the Provider is unable to confirm that the User is of the appropriate legal age, the Provider may suspend a User's Game Account until his/her age has been verified. If, as a result, it was proved that the age of the User did not meet the criteria when s/he made any gambling or gaming transactions on the Website, then:

  • The user's Game Account will be closed;
  • All transactions made while the User was a minor will be canceled and all related funds deposited by the User will be returned by the payment method used for depositing such funds as soon as possible;
  • Any deposits made while the User was under the legal age will be refunded to the User;
  • Any winnings accumulated while the User was under the legal age will be forfeited, and the User will be required to return any funds that have been withdrawn from his/her game account upon request.

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12.1. The User has no right to:

12.1.1. Transfer to third parties (including family members) the ability to access any of the games on the Website using the User Game Account;

12.1.2. Simultaneously use several Game Accounts managed by one User to use any of the games on the Website;

12.1.3. Use another User's Game Account;

12.1.4. Dispose of or otherwise transfer his/her Game Account or purchase another User's Game Account, including by exchanging or receiving it as a gift;

12.1.5. Use other contact information of the User for mass newsletter (so-called spam). If the User provides access to his Game Account to third parties, the User bears full personal responsibility for all actions committed by these third parties through the user account. Along with this, the User is fully responsible for protecting his account from third parties. Under no circumstances should the User disclose his/her personal account password to third parties.

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13.1. As part of the registration process using email and phone number, the User must choose a password with which s/he will access the Website. It is the User's sole responsibility to ensure the security of the login information. The User should not disclose his login details to anyone.

13.2. The Provider is not responsible for any erroneous or misuse of a user Game Account on the Website by third parties as a result of the User's disclosure of his/her login details, intentionally or accidentally, actively or passively for any third party.

13.3. The username and the password for the Game Account are for the personal use only of the User and should always be kept confidential. The User's Game Account is intended solely for his personal use, therefore, in the event that the User has provided the Provider with all the requested information, and it is genuine, the Provider has the right to assume that all payments and gaming operations are performed through the User.

13.4. The Provider is not responsible for access to the User's Game Account by a third party, and the Provider is under no circumstances liable for any damage incurred by the User as a result of unauthorized use of the User's password by another person. As well as for unauthorized access to the User's Game Account.

13.5. All transactions under which the username and password of the User were entered, regardless of whether it was done with the user's consent or not, will be considered valid.

13.6. The User must regularly change his/her password and must not disclose it to third parties. The User can change his/her password at any time in the “Settings” section of the Profile, on the Website.

13.7. There is no need to write any personal details in the password, such as names, dates of birth, phone numbers and other familiar words. This will help prevent unauthorized access to your Game Account. The User's sole responsibility is to ensure the confidentiality of his/her username (nickname) and password, the User is responsible for all cases of unauthorized and illegal use of his/her data.

13.8. The provider strongly recommends that you disable the password storage feature in your browser in advance to ensure the stable operation of a reliable anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software on the User's computer. If the User does not use his/her own computer, s/he should log out and close the system.

13.9. The User should also refrain from using his account on public WIFI in internet cafes, libraries and other public places where there is a public WIFI internet access.

13.10. In case of loss or unauthorized use of the user's password, the User must inform the Provider about it. The User must also immediately contact the Provider if the User believes that the minor had access to the User's account or any hacking tools used in relation to the Website, gaming resources or other Provider services.

13.11. At the request of the Website, the user must provide evidence of unauthorized access as soon as possible.

13.12. All of this also applies to the password for the Google and Facebook account, which the User used when registering on the Website. It is strongly recommended to use 2-Step verification

13.13. Loss of the password and subsequent refusal to participate in any of the game / tournament / promotion on the Website is not a basis for refunding or compensation.

13.14. Please note that the Provider's representatives, including customer service, will never ask the User for his/her password for the Game Account on the Website.

13.15. If the User lost the password or access to their own resources that were used during registration (email, phone, Google account, Facebook account), User access to their own account at slotscity.com is restored using the "Forgot your password?" item in the login menu of the account or by the Website customer service.

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14.1. Before making the first bet with real money and putting the winnings to withdrawal for the first time, the User must confirm either the Google account, Facebook account, email or phone number that s/he used when registering, as well as his date of birth, gender, and verification of identity and age documents.

14.2. The identification (verification, establishment of data) of the User involves the collection by the Website of the following information:

14.2.1. Full name.

14.2.2. Age (date of birth) of the person.

14.2.3. Payment method.

14.2.4. Full address, etc.

14.3. Standard verification procedure on the Website involves uploading to the "Verification" section of the User's Profile:

14.3.1. Photos of the front and back of the one of the following documents and selfies with them: Passport. Driving License. Another official Government issued ID card.

14.3.2. The document must be valid and not expired (expiration date must be indicated). It must show the User's unaltered photo and date of birth. Water marks on documents must be visible.

14.4. Also the User has to upload a screenshot or photo from online bank, bank statement, etc. showing the deposit. The name of the company and the amount of the payment must be indicated.

14.5. When using a credit card: both the front and back sides of the card must be loaded.

14.5.1. The middle 6 digits of the user's credit card should be covered. The first 6 and last 4 digits must be visible. The CVC/CVV number must be closed.

14.5.2. The credit card in the photo must match the credit card number used on the Website. The entire credit card must be visible in the photo.

14.6. A document to confirm the address must be either a utility bill, a cell phone bill, or a bank statement (copy of a paper statement).

  • It must show the User’s full name and full address including any post/zip codes.
  • It must display the official logo of the issuing company, be dated within the last 90 days.
  • It should be possible to view the full text of the document.

14.7. Accepted files in jpg, png, pdf format. Max size 12MB.

14.8. The Website may, at any time, request additional proof of identity from the user for review, in particular via video link.

14.9. When identifying (verifying, ascertaining) the user by means of various verification methods, the Website adheres to the requirements of personal data protection legislation.

14.5. The User is responsible for the accuracy of the documents and information provided in accordance with the applicable law.

14.6. If the User fails to provide the Website with the necessary documents for review, his/her Game Account may be temporarily blocked until the requested documents are provided.

If such documents are not provided within the deadline set by the Website without reasonable cause, or if the information provided by the User is incorrect, misleading, not entirely accurate, etc.:

14.6.1. The User shall not be allowed to participate in the game.

14.6.2. Winnings will not be paid.

14.6.3. The Website reserves the right to delete a User's Game Account.

14.6.4. Any winnings that have already been paid out must be returned to the Website within the time frame set by the Provider.

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15.1. Each User has the right to create only one Game Account on the slotscity.com website. In case of repeated registrations with subsequent creation of additional accounts (multi-accounts) by one person, each such account will be considered as a duplicate account.

15.2. If the User wants to replace the existing Game Account with a new one for any reason, he/she should contact the customer service of the Website for permission to open a new account. In this case the old account will be blocked, all balances on it will be returned to the User or transferred to his/her new Game Account, and access to the old account will be impossible from the moment of opening a new one.

15.3. If the User notices that s/he has more than one Game Account on the Website (under different names), s/he must immediately either email the Provider about this at [email protected], chat on the Website or call the phone number listed on the Website.

15.4. In the case of re-registration with the opening of a duplicate account without notifying the Website and blocking the existing account, the following occurs:

15.4.1. All transactions made using the duplicate account are deemed invalid.

15.4.2. All funds received through the use of a duplicate account shall be deemed illegal and returned to the Website. This refers to winnings, bonuses, etc. If these funds have already been paid to the User from a duplicate account, they must be returned in full, including by court order, with the subsequent payment of the appropriate fines and court costs by the guilty party.

15.4.3. The Website does not return any bonus or real funds that are on the duplicate account. The decision to refund any funds lost by the Website and paid out of a duplicate account shall be made unilaterally. This applies both in cases where bets were placed and winnings were received from such an account, as well as in cases where no bet was placed at all, even if the bonus funds were simply in the account.

15.4.4. The Website does not accept requests for refunds of blocked/lost funds from a duplicate user account. It does not matter for what purpose it was created: for bonuses, betting, cashing out illegally obtained funds, etc. Opening a new duplicate account in order to return the blocked funds from the previous duplicate account is also considered contrary to the T&Cs and is prohibited.

15.4.5. All duplicate accounts will be identified and blocked. The Website is not responsible for the safety of funds held in such accounts. Initial deposits will not be returned to Users if the duplicate account is found to have been opened for abuse, in violation of these T&Cs.

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16.1. The User cannot transfer, sell, or pledge his or her Game Account to another person. This prohibition includes the transfer of any assets of value of any kind, including but not limited to ownership of accounts, winnings, deposits, bets, rights and/or claims in connection with these assets, legal, commercial or otherwise.

16.2. The prohibition on said transfers is not limited and also includes, however, to the encumbrance, pledging, assigning, usufruct, trading, brokering, hypothecation and/or gifting in cooperation with a fiduciary or any other third party, company, natural or legal individual, foundation and/or association in any way shape or form.

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17.1. Deposits and withdrawals on the Website are made in non-cash form through an online system, subject to the provisions of legislation on preventing and combating money laundering, terrorist financing and the financing of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

17.2. In order to participate in the game of the Website for real money, the User must register and make a deposit to his/her Game Account.

17.3. The Provider does not provide credits to Users to use the services and participate in games on the Website.

17.4. The Provider may appoint payment system providers to perform actions, receive and withdraw funds on behalf of the Website.

17.5. The Internal operating currency of the Website is the Canadian dollar (CAD). If the User transacts in other currencies, the amount deducted from his/her credit card may be insignificantly higher than displayed at the time of transaction due to currency conversions on the side of the User’s bank and/or the Website's payment processing system.

17.6. The Website's internal operating currency is subject to change without notice, with appropriate changes to these T&Cs.

17.7. Depositing and withdrawing winnings on the Website is made by means of the Canadian system of exchange of electronic financial transactions Interak. The number of convenient payment instruments on the Website is constantly expanding.

17.8. Depositing a Game Account on the Website is done at the Cashier, “Deposit” section, by entering the amount you wish to deposit.

17.9. The minimum amount of a single deposit to the Website is:

  • 20 CAD.

17.10. The commission for depositing a Game Account on the Website is 0%.

17.11. By depositing a Game Account and using money to bet on the Website, the User acknowledges and accepts:

17.11.1. The funds deposited by him/her are not such that are obtained in violation of tax, criminal or other laws.

17.11.2. The Website may refuse the User to withdraw or refund the funds deposited to his/her Account, or to cancel transactions related to the deposit procedure of the Game Account.

17.12. On the Website deposit of the Game Account can not be made by third parties: relatives, friends, spouses, business partners, etc. The User deposits funds into his/her Game Account using personal means of payment. If the Website discovers any deposits from third parties, all winnings of such a User can be annulled.

17.13. When requesting a refund to the legal holder of the Game Account, all fees and other expenses may be charged to the recipient.

17.14. Cash is not accepted on the Website.

17.15. The Website has the right to use the technical capabilities of third parties to process payments made by the user. Third-party systems may also be used to process payments to the User.

17.16. The Provider does not accept requests for withdrawals by phone or email.

17.17. The User has no right to cancel transactions already made. They cannot be cancelled in any way possible. If in any way this is done, and the previously deposited funds are already used for betting on the Website, the User must compensate the losses incurred by the Website.

17.18. The Website has the right to block and cancel any transactions made from the Game Account, as well as to cancel winnings in the following cases:

  • Fraudulent or suspicious deposits to the account.
  • Use of another's or stolen payment cards.
  • Exchange between payment systems when depositing in the account.

17.19. The Website has the right to inform the relevant organizations and law enforcement agencies about any type of fraud. The Website may also use the services of agencies to recover misappropriated funds. The Website is not responsible for any unlawful use of payment cards. It is irrelevant whether or not the loss or theft of the cards has been reported.

17.20. Funds from a player's account may be used to compensate for damages incurred by the Website. In case of fraud or other criminal activity, including player's mistakes, any amount from his account can be deducted in favor of the Website.

17.21. At any time the User has the right to request a withdrawal of funds from his/her Game Account. At this, the following conditions must be met:

  • All funds in the User's Game Account are verified for legality, absence of unacceptable actions with them, including that no payment has been previously cancelled or voided;
  • All necessary procedures related to the verification are completed in full;
  • After registration on the Website the User has made at least the minimum amount of deposit.

17.22. Withdrawal without commission is guaranteed only after the User makes bets for an amount that is not less than the deposits made. Otherwise, the Website may withhold a commission of 5% of the amount withdrawn.

17.23. Application for withdrawal of funds from the Game Account goes on the CASHIER -> WITHDRAWAL section with the entry of the desired amount (within the current balance) in the field "Enter the Withdrawal sum". Thus it is necessary to take into account the following.

17.23.1. Withdrawals are made only to those payment cards, from which the deposit to the Game Account (deposit) was made.

17.23.2. The Website may require verification of the payment card to which the withdrawal will be made.

17.24. The limit on the minimum withdrawal is:

  • 50 CAD.

Applications for withdrawal of funds in the amount less than the established limit are not accepted.

17.25. The maximum withdrawal amount for non-jackpot winnings from the Website is capped at:

  • 1,000 CAD per week.
  • 6,000 CAD per month.

17.26. Upon completing any withdrawal, all bonuses activated by the User (section Promotions, Bonuses tab) will be cancelled.

17.27. The Website reserves the right to conduct additional audits of any transactions. Their duration may not exceed two business days.

17.28. If there is a suspicion of a violation of applicable laws on preventing and combating money laundering and terrorist financing, the Website is obliged to conduct an additional audit with a delay of no more than 30 days.

17.29. If there is strong evidence of fraudulent activity on the part of the User, the Website may deny withdrawal and block the User's Game Account.

17.30. For verification of additional documents, other than those required in the Profile, email [email protected] is used.

17.31. Withdrawal is performed in 24/7 mode without a break on weekends and holidays.

17.32. The Website will make every effort to ensure that the maximum withdrawal time is 48 hours, but in practice, when the verification of the Game Account is fully completed, everything happens much faster. The exact timing of withdrawals depends on the following factors:

17.32.1. The amount to be withdrawn.

17.32.2. Date and time of withdrawal.

17.32.3. Rules of the bank.

17.32.4. Payment system used.

17.33. In accordance with the concept of responsible gaming, funds declared for withdrawal are not available for betting from the moment the User sends the request. As soon as the financial manager confirms the validity of the request, the money in the declared amount will be withdrawn. The Website is not responsible for delays in receiving withdrawals due to the relevant rules of some banks.

17.34. As in slot machines of some providers 1 coin may not correspond to the value of 1 Canadian dollar, the amount of winnings received in coins, may differ from the amount of real winnings after its conversion into CAD. Detailed information about this issue can be found in instructions to slots, made by developers.

17.35. The Website provides its Users with the possibility to deposit to the Game Account and withdraw funds in cryptocurrency.

17.35.1. The User may deposit funds by sending BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum, ERC20), LTC (Litecoin), BCH (Bitcoin cash), and USDT (United States Dollar Tether) to the wallet address shown in his/her Profile. It is the responsibility of the User to send the correct currency to the correct address (e.g. Ethereum crypto to Ethereum address). The Provider will not credit the User with the missing currency if he/she sends his/her funds to the wrong address.

17.35.2. It is extremely important for the User, when depositing in cryptocurrency (as well as other currencies), to pay an amount greater than or equal to the minimum deposit limit for that particular currency, which is displayed on the deposit page of the Game Account. Deposits below this limit will not be processed by the Website payment processor, will not be credited to the User's Game Account, and will not be refunded to the User.

17.35.3. The Website only provides gambling services. The Provider does not intend to offer any currency exchange services on the Website. The User can only withdraw in the same cryptocurrency as s/he used to deposit funds on the Website.

17.35.4. The Website reserves the right to transfer funds in a way different from the payment method specified by the User.

17.35.5. In the unlikely event of the User withdrawing crypto currency funds to another crypto currency network address (such as but not limited to: sending BTC to a BCH address) Website will not be responsible to recover the amount.

17.35.6. The User cannot use cryptocurrency for bonuses.

17.36. Website reserves the right to carry out additional verification procedures, if deemed necessary by the payments team. Such verifications may include copies of the User’s passport, national Identity Card, copies of his/her utility bills, and/or copies of the debit/credit cards used to deposit. This rule applies to both FIAT users and cryptocurrency users.

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18.1. Before making a bet in the game, it is necessary to make sure that the balance of the Game Account is credited. For each transaction the User is personally responsible.

18.2. When clicking on the CASHIER button on the Website, the User gets to the section in which Deposits to the Game Account, Withdrawals, and the History of financial transactions are made.

18.3. The Website has the right to refuse a User's transaction due to violation of one of the clauses of these T&Cs.

18.4. The Game Account replenishment transaction is considered to be completed only after the relevant amount appears on the balance of the User. If the User is sure that everything was done correctly, but the amount of the deposit does not appear on the balance, s/he should contact the support service.

18.5. After selecting the size of the bet and pressing the SPIN button (or START, etc.) the bet is considered to be made.

18.6. In "Auto" mode the sequence of bets of the selected size is made in automatic mode, i.e. without the participation of the User. At the same time the game can be stopped at any time.

18.7. In the case of a failure of the slot machine (for example, a combination of symbols is not formed on the reels) the bet may be returned to the balance of the player directly by the slot machine.

18.8. As the game is played on the side of the game provider, the Website cannot cancel or refund a bet made by the User.

18.9. Information about the percentage of winnings (theoretical Return To the Player, RTP) is presented in the description of each specific slot machine and is in the range from 92% to 98% when making one million runs.

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19.1. No refund can be requested once the alleged deposit (including the bonus) has been played using the Website.

19.2. A refund request will only be considered if it is requested within the first twenty-four (24) hours of the alleged transaction, or within thirty (30) days if a User alleges that another individual (or a minor) has accessed his/her Game Account.

19.3. Provider reserves the right to withhold any refund or reverse transactions until the identity of the User is adequately established to ensure that any depositing a Game Account on the Website will be honored after a refund has been made. The User agrees to provide, on demand by the Provider, a notarized identification or any other certified identification in accordance with the applicable laws of the User’s jurisdiction. If such notarized or certified identification is not provided within five (5) days of Provider's request, such refunds or reversed transactions shall not be affected, User’s Game Account shall be closed and the User shall forfeit all funds in his/her Game Account. Such decisions shall be final, binding and not subject to appeal.

19.4. The Provider reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to pay withdrawal requests up to the total amount deposited as refunds against the User’s purchases made by the same payment method used for deposit. If User withdrawals exceed the total amount deposited, any excess amount will be paid to the User via one of the alternative methods available in cashier, prior verified as User’s.

19.5. If any credit card purchases are considered to carry an unacceptable security or legal risk, either by Provider's credit card processors or by its betting managers, the Provider will initiate refunds for all such transactions back to the credit card.

19.6. If, for any reason, the User is not satisfied with services of Providers, s/he can request to be issued a refund for the balance currently held in his/her Game Account. Before the User’s refund is calculated and processed, all bonuses and winnings in his/her balance will be deducted.

19.7. Refunds will be processed via the same payment methods used by the User to make their deposits, and in the same currency.

19.8. A refund request should be sent to the customer services email [email protected] The request may be submitted in a free form and shall contain:

19.8.1. Name and surname of the User;

19.8.2. Passport details including registration address;

19.8.3. Photo of the identification document and proof of payment method used.

19.9. During the document verification process, the Provider reserves the right to request additional information and documents to confirm the identity and the account to which the refund is being made.

19.10. The refund transaction timeframe depends on the payment method chosen. Standard bank card transfer takes 1 to 5 working days.

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20.1. After registration on the Website, the User gets access to the Balance account which consists of two different sub-accounts:

20.1.1. Cash Balance,

specified in the “Account” section of the Profile as

Your Balance

and in the Cashier as


20.1.2. Bonus Balance,

specified in the “Account” section of the Profile as


and in the Cashier as

Active Bonus.

20.2. The Cash Balance is credited with the money transferred by the User, with winnings and bonuses that have met the wagering requirements. This balance is used for bets and withdrawals. Thus, this balance contains real money, which at any time can be either used to play or to withdraw winnings.

20.3. Bonus Balance receives bonuses (e.g., free spins, deposits percentages, cash, possibly using promo codes, etc.), cashbacks, compensations, rewards, gifts, etc., with or without the condition of performing a certain action, but which must meet wagering requirements. As well as winnings obtained with the use of bonuses.

20.4. After the funds on the Bonus Balance clear the wagering requirements, they are transferred to the Cash Balance.

20.5. Wagering of funds on the Bonus Balance with their subsequent transfer to the Cash Balance is allowed only after all funds on the Cash Balance are used for betting.

20.6. Cash Balance.

20.6.1. Available only if there are enough funds for betting.

20.6.2. In table games (such as roulette, cards) and in the game with LIVE dealer bets are accepted only from the Cash Balance.

20.6.3. In slots (except those with no reels, such as those from Igrosoft and Big Time Gaming) bets are accepted from any of the sub-accounts – both from the Deposit and Bonus Balance.

20.6.4. After any withdrawal from the Cash Balance, the active bonus in the Bonus Balance, as well as all activated bonuses (Next Bonuses) are cancelled.

20.7. Bonus Balance. Wagering Requirements.

20.7.1.Bonus Balance is not available for betting as long as there is money left on the Cash Balance (but it is possible to credit one bonus to it – the active bonus). It is allowed to wager from the Bonus Balance after the funds on the Cash Balance are used, applying the rule of wagering bonuses with a specified wager.

20.7.2. Number of times indicates how many times the amount of Bonus or free spins winnings need to be set to clear up wagering requirements and transfer funds (which may increase or decrease in the process of wagering) to the Cash Balance. The current wagering amount is specified:

in the “Account” section of the Profile as

Bonus wagering

in the Cashier as


20.7.3. Withdrawal directly from the Bonus Balance is impossible.

20.7.4. After the complete wagering of the active bonus all funds from the Bonus Balance are transferred to a Cash Balance with the ability to make bets or withdraw them.

20.7.5. If the wagering process leaves an amount of less than 1 CAD on the Bonus Balance, the wagering of the active bonus is considered to be completed.

20.7.6. Wagering is not available in table games and in the game with a LIVE dealer, but only in slot machines, except the ones with no reels (such as by Igrosoft and Big Time Gaming).

20.7.7. The period during which the bonus must be wagered is specified in the specific terms and conditions of the promotion. At the end of the promotion the bonus is void.

20.7.8. If the User has not logged in to the Site within 30 days, all of their bonuses are void.

20.8. Bonus status.

20.8.1. Bonus Credited. Appears in the Bonuses section. The conditions of its receiving are also specified there. The "Apply" button is the start for fulfilling these conditions (for example, making a deposit). If it's a no deposit bonus, then once the necessary conditions are met, the "Apply" button instantly places the bonus in the activated queue.

20.8.2. Bonus is Activated. All conditions for receiving the bonus have been fulfilled in time. It is located in the BALANCE (in the upper right corner of the Site or mobile application), the item ACTIVE in the section NEXT BONUSES.

20.8.3. Bonus is Active. The first activated bonus, the highest in the queue, is the ACTIVE bonus. It is credited to the Bonus Balance and awaits to fulfill the wagering requirements, but only after all funds in the Cash Balance have been played. Wagering other activated bonuses in the queue is possible only after the active bonus has met wagering requirements or in the case of its cancellation / deactivation.

20.8.4. Bonus Canceled. Press the "Cancel" button next to the corresponding bonus in the activated queue at any time to remove it, and the bonus below takes its place.

20.8.5. Bonus Deactivated. This is a bonus automatically removed from the activated queue because the time limit for its use or wagering under the terms of the specific promotion has expired.

20.9. Bonus terms.

20.9.1. For a Deposit. Credited on condition of the deposit of an amount equal to or greater than that specified in the promotion terms and conditions. The User cannot use cryptocurrency (BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, and USDT) for bonuses.

20.9.2. No Deposit. Credited on condition of performing a certain action (for example, for verification of your documents) or as a gift, congratulations, encouragement, reward, etc.

20.10. Bonus type.

20.10.1. Free Deposit Amount. Credited to the Bonus Balance and charged to the Cash Balance after certain wagering requirements completed.

20.10.2. A percentage of the deposit. Depends on the deposited amount. The minimum required deposit amount and the maximum possible amount that can be credited, regardless of the size of the deposit, are set in the conditions of the promotion.

20.10.3. Free spins, FS. Bonus in the form of a certain number of spins reels in a particular slot with a certain bet. According to the terms of the promotion, the number of free spins or the rate at which they are triggered may depend on the amount of the required deposit or other conditions. After the launch of all bonus free spins the winning amount comes to the Bonus Balance. Then the wagering requirements specified in the promotion terms apply to this amount of winnings.

20.10.4. Composite Bonus. The user is credited with a fixed amount or a percentage of the deposit at the same time as the free spins. In this case, the money goes to the Bonus Balance at once, and then the amount won as a result of spinning free spins is added. Then specified wagering requirements are applied to the total amount.

20.11. There are no restrictions on the number of bonuses credited to the User.

20.12. Only one bonus can be earned on a one deposit.

20.13. Provider reserves the right to withhold or confiscate any bonuses or winnings resulting from fraud or other dishonest activities.

20.14. Bonuses on the Website are provided for active, prolonged play with maximum enjoyment, and winnings if the User is lucky. Bonuses are not designed to give away free money to "bonus hunters" or "bonus misusers". For such Users, all bonuses and winnings might be cancelled by Provider's decision.

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21.1. Use the Demo version of the basic software capabilities of the Games of the Website to manage the elements of the game for free, but not for real money and without the possibility of making any profit.

21.2. Take part in the Games for real money by depositing money into the user's game account in the amount and with the help of the funds provided for in the Agreement and in the Rules of a particular Game.

21.3. Participate in tournaments in accordance with the Tournament Rules, defined directly in the information about each specific Tournament in the "Tournaments" section of the Website.

21.4. Take part in the Games on a personal smartphone, tablet or personal computer (PC), as well as on another device with the required technical characteristics or in any other acceptable way to participate in the game.

21.5. Place funds in the User's Game Account in order to play any Game for money / participate in any tournament/promotion on the Website.

21.6. Receive winnings in any game / tournament and withdraw it in accordance with the rules, conditions specified in the Agreement, as well as certain Game Rules / Tournament Rules.

21.7. To address inquiries to the Provider, the User should send a message to the email address [email protected] At the same time, in case of contacting the Provider in any other way, the Provider has the right not to respond to the request of such a User. The User has the right to send inquiries regarding:

21.7.1. Clarification of Game Rules, Tournament Rules or T&Cs, Consumer Privacy Policy and KYC Procedure;

21.7.2. Sanctioning another User for the Game Rules, Tournament Rules or T&Cs, Consumer Privacy Policy and KYC violation. When sending such a request, the User must also indicate the date and reason for the application of such sanctions to him;

21.7.3. Tournaments, organization, compliance with the conditions of participation, prize funds, prize drawings, contests and promotions conducted by the Provider on the Website;

21.7.4. Any errors when working on the Website (technical problems, functional failures in the game, malfunctions in the game, etc.), if such a malfunction does not depend on it: user actions, hardware features and software used by the User, the quality of the Internet connection, as well as other facts for which the Provider is not responsible.

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22.1. Before taking any action to use the Website, the User has to make sure that everything is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the state of residence / citizenship of him/her or in accordance with the legislation of another state, depending on the circumstances, the User has reached the age that allows him/her to conclude this Agreement.

22.2. Subject to these T&Cs, Consumer Privacy Policy and KYC Procedure. If the User disagrees with the above documents, the User is obliged to terminate his participation in the games, tournament or promotions and / or continuing to participate in the games is considered complete and unconditional acceptance by the User of these T&Cs, Consumer Data Policy and KYC.

22.3. Not to violate the permissible norms in relation to the Provider, as well as the intellectual property rights of third parties to the games / game resources and game elements of the Website. In particular, the User does not have the right to copy, transmit, distribute, publish or otherwise distribute or reproduce materials (text, image, audio or video) that are part of the game resources, without the prior written consent of the Provider.

22.4. Comply with the Provider's instructions received individually or delivered to a group of users in a game, tournament by any means. The Provider has the right to suspend, restrict or terminate the User's access to the game, tournament and (or) additional functions due to non-compliance with these instructions.

22.5. Compensate the Provider, other users of the Game, Tournament and (or) other third parties for any losses incurred by them in connection with the actions of the User, including in connection with the violation of this Agreement, the rights to intellectual property or other rights of these persons.

22.6. To notify the Provider about any defects in the site, tournaments that become known to him/her. A defect in a game / tournament is especially typical for a game / tournament that was not provided by the developers and does not correspond to the normal functioning and logic of the game / tournament (for example, a game / tournament error, changes in the characteristics of objects or elements in the game / tournament, which was not provided for by the idea and logic of the game / tournament).

22.7. Notify the Provider about cases of violation of these T&Cs by other Users who become aware of it.

22.8. In due course, review the current version of these T&Cs, the Consumer Privacy Policy and the KYC Procedure, as well as any supplements that form an integral part of the Agreement.

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23.1. Study the source code of any of the games on the site / tournaments, as well as make changes or additions, as well as create derivative works based on this.

23.2. Study the source code of any of the games of the site / tournaments on the site, decompile, disassemble, modify the game / tournament and create derivative works based on any games / tournaments or parts thereof, unless such actions are committed with the written consent of the Provider.

23.3. Use a different user account to access any games on the site / tournaments.

23.4. Transfer account credentials to third parties (including in order to improve the results of the game / tournament).

23.5. Provide third parties (including family members) with the ability to access any games on the site / tournaments using a user account.

23.6. Use games / tournaments on the site in any way that interferes or may interfere with the normal operation of games / tournaments.

23.7. Use bots (special programs that perform any actions through the same interface as a regular user, automatically and / or according to a predetermined schedule), cheats (codes that can be entered into the program to change the course of action and get additional advantages in the game / tournament), as well as any other computer programs and technical means that interfere with the proper functioning of games / tournaments or aimed at obtaining additional advantages in the game / tournament that were not provided for by the rules, logic or technical capabilities of the game / tournament.

23.8. Use imperfections in the operation of the game / tournament (including additional advantages in the game / tournament that were not provided for by the rules, logic or technical capabilities of the game / tournament).

23.9. Introduce yourself as a representative or proxy of the Provider.

23.10. Use multiple accounts managed by one user at the same time to use any of the games / tournaments.

23.11. Distribute copies of the Game for commercial or non-commercial purposes, for example, by distributing physical media of the Game or by posting it on the Internet for access and / or download to certain individuals or the general public.

23.12. Translate the Game into other languages without the consent of the Provider.

23.13. Distribute audiovisual elements, images and other intellectual property that are elements of the game / tournament and components of the game / tournament in full, both for commercial and non-commercial purposes (unless the Provider's prior permission has been obtained).

23.14. Distribute elements of the game / tournament, both for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

23.15. To liquidate or transfer an account in any way, acquire another user account, including through an exchange or as a gift.

23.16. Use automated scripts (computer programs that represent a sequence of instructions for work) to collect information or perform other unauthorized interaction with any game of the site / tournament and its elements.

23.17. Use other contact information for bulk email marketing.

23.18. Commit illegal or criminal actions, as well as actions that are directly or indirectly prohibited by these T&Cs.

23.19. Use games / tournaments in ways not provided for in these T&Cs, as well as in ways that go beyond normal gameplay.

23.20. Place intellectual property objects in any game / tournament on the site without obtaining the consent of their respective owners.

23.21. Place advertisements, commercial offers, campaigning and any other information in any game of the site / tournament, except when such placement of information is agreed with the Provider.

23.22. Post or otherwise use in the game / tournament, including during the period of discussion and / or agreement with the Provider of the following information (including by posting links to it):

23.22.1. Profanity (obscene and offensive words and phrases, including those written with the replacement of characters, which do not change the meaning of the word / expression).

23.22.2. Personal data of third parties, including any contact information (home addresses, phone numbers, passport data), without their consent.

23.22.3. Threats of violence or bodily harm.

23.22.4. Extremist, nationalist and Nazi slogans and statements, as well as individual words and expressions related to extremist, nationalist activities and / or Nazism, as well as their use to demonstrate and propagate Nazi, extremist or other equivalent attributes or symbols in the game.

23.22.5. Statements that offend or devalue other Users (both associated with specific Users and an unlimited number of users), third parties (including organizations), and also lead to the emergence of interethnic, interreligious, interethnic, racial and other conflicts.

23.22.6. Threats, appeals and / or instructions about violence and illegal acts or acts prohibited by applicable laws, game rules / tournament rules and / or these T&Cs, including the disclosure of criminal and other illegal activities, including guidelines for illegal actions or actions in the game.

23.22.7. Materials containing elements of violence, cruelty, racial, interethnic, interethnic or interreligious hatred, as well as links to such materials.

23.22.8. Malicious programs, as well as links containing or which may contain malware. 23.22.9. Personal data of third parties.

23.22.10. Materials containing elements of cruelty, violence and pornography, as well as links to them.

23.22.11. Links to any web pages other than the game / tournament web pages. Users are prohibited from using links containing malware and links to them, as well as posting prohibited information in accordance with the paragraphs of this Article.

23.22.12. Any other information that, in the opinion of the Provider, is unacceptable or undesirable, violates moral and / or ethical norms and / or applicable law, or is considered unacceptable / undesirable by the Provider for other reasons.

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24.1. Restrict the functionality of the game / tournament in whole or in part at its sole discretion at any time (in particular, stop providing access to a certain game / tournament site (i.g. close the game / tournament), as well as remove the link to any game / tournament from the Website). The Provider is not obliged to notify the User about the limitation of the functionality of the game / tournament and is released from liability for damage caused to the User by limiting the functionality of the game / tournament.

24.2. Unilaterally limit, expand, supplement, modify or otherwise change any game on the site / tournament at any time, including any of its elements and parts, without prior notice to the User.

24.3. Modify the games of the site / tournament, their elements and parts by creating and installing new parts of the software. The purpose of such a modification may be, for example, to improve or change the gameplay or add new functions to a particular game / tournament on the site, which may lead to the removal or suspension of access to certain elements of games / tournaments. The User understands and acknowledges that these actions are an integral part of the process of creating and functioning of the game / tournament, and also agrees to take such actions by the Provider without prior notice to the User.

24.4. Manage the site / tournament, gameplay, technical and other characteristics of the elements of the game / tournament at its sole discretion; suspend or change the course of the gameplay without prior notice to the User.

24.5. At any time, change or delete the information posted by the User within this site and its games / tournaments.

24.6. Restrict or terminate the User's access to a specific game / tournament in case of violation of these T&Cs, Customer Data Privacy Policy and KYC procedure by the User. Using this right, the Provider is not obliged to provide evidence to the User indicating a violation of these T&Cs, the Consumer Data Privacy Policy and the KYC Procedure.

24.7. Cancel the User Account unilaterally at his sole discretion, including if the user violates any of the clauses of these T&Cs, the Privacy Policy.

24.8. Make comments, warn, notify and inform Users during the gameplay about noncompliance with the requirements of these T&Cs. The user is obliged to follow the instructions of the Provider received during the gameplay.

24.9. Apply to the User the sanctions specified in Section 12 of these T&Cs.

24.10. Notify law enforcement agencies about violations of legislation by the User and transfer all available information about such violations to law enforcement agencies if the User's actions may be illegal in the opinion of the Provider. The Provider also has the right to provide such information at the request of law enforcement agencies or other competent authorities and third parties entitled to receive such information in accordance with the laws.

The User gives his consent to the exercise of any rights specified in clauses 10.1.-10.10 of these T&Cs by the Provider, without reimbursing the User for losses that may be incurred by him/her as a result of exercising these rights by the Provider.

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25.1. The Provider guarantees that it has the right to enter into these T&Cs and provide the User with the right to use any of the Website Games and participate in any tournament, as well as to use the Services mentioned in the section "Intellectual Property Rights" of these T&Cs.

25.2. The User guarantees that, in accordance with the legislation of the state of his citizenship, s/he has the right to use the games on the site and / or participate in any of the tournaments / promotions.

25.3. The User understands, acknowledges and agrees that regular long-term (continuous) access to a PC, smartphone or any other technical device can lead to various physical disorders of well-being, including visual impairment, scoliosis, various forms of neurosis and other negative effects on the user's body.

25.4. The user guarantees that s/he will use the Games of the Website only for a reasonable period of time, with breaks for rest or other activities aimed at preventing physical health problems.

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26.1. In case of violation of the Game Rules, Tournament / Promotions Rules or these T&Cs, Consumer Data Privacy Policy and KYC Procedure, the Provider may apply the following sanctions to such User:

26.1.1. Warn the user about the inadmissibility of the Game Rules, Tournament / Promotion Rules and / or these T&Cs, Consumer Privacy Policy and violation of KYC procedure.

26.1.2. To deprive the User of the right to use the game, participate in a tournament / promotion, block access to his Account, to this site and / or games, tournaments; withdraw funds from the User's account in the cases specified in clauses about inactive and dormant accounts in these T&Cs.

26.1.3. Impose other liability on the User in accordance with the provisions about combating money laundering.

26.2. The Provider decides on the penalties for the User at its own discretion based on the nature of the violation.

26.3. The Provider is not obliged to warn the User about the deprivation of his right to use the game.

26.4. The Provider may, but is not obliged to, notify the User of the reason for the application of penalties to him/her.

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27.1. The User is responsible for the use of any game sites, for participation in the tournament / promotion, for the use of other services of the Website and for the consequences of such use.

27.2. Website games, tournaments, promotions, services are provided on an “as is” basis (“as is” and “as available”). The Provider does not provide any guarantees regarding uninterrupted access to the game, tournaments and the uninterrupted operation of the service.

27.3. The Provider is not responsible for any delays in the functioning of games, tournaments and in the field of services caused by external factors (malfunction of the site, force majeure: disasters, wars, terrorism, riots, embargoes, actions of civil or military authorities, fire, floods, accidents, network infrastructures, losses, lack of energy, labor or materials).

27.4. When using or in case of inability to use the Games of the site, participating in tournaments, including the User's right to use the Limitation of the Game or depriving the User of such right, the Provider is not liable to the User for any damage caused to the User (including, but not limited to, damage to User's property and his property rights).

27.5. The Provider does not warrant that:

27.5.1. Any game / tournament / promotion or Website service will meet the User's expectations and / or requirements;

27.5.2. The quality of any game resources or elements will meet the User's expectations and / or requirements;

27.5.3. The games and services will be uninterrupted, up-to-date, virus-free, error-free, or if such defects are found, they will be corrected and / or removed;

27.5.4. The results obtained using the software and the game database during the game will be error-free and correct;

27.5.5. The use of games, services and site content, as well as participation in tournaments will be completely safe for the user;

27.5.6. Website games will be available for use around the clock, 7 days a week.

27.6. The Provider is constantly working to develop games and services. This means that from time to time the Provider makes changes, improving the quality of the game, its features, graphics, technical characteristics.

27.7. Provider does not guarantee that the above updates and improvements will not change the user's experience of using games or services and participating in tournaments. The risk of the consequences of the use of games or any other method of obtaining the content of this site lies with the User.

27.8. The User is responsible for any damage done to his device, installed software and / or operating system, and / or loss of data that was obtained using this Website.

27.9. The Provider is not responsible for the User's content posted by the Users on the site and its games, tournaments, promotions as well as for any other actions taken by the User in any game, tournament of the Application.

27.10. The Provider is not responsible for the context of the websites, links provided by the Users. The User follows such links at his/her own risk and peril.

27.11. The User confirms and agrees that links to sites or content posted in the game by third parties does not mean that the Provider supports, encourages or recommends these sites or materials. The User clicks on links to third-party sites, installs third-party software and uses third-party content solely at his own risk, including while using the game or participating in a tournament / promotions.

27.12. The Provider is not responsible for:

27.12.1. Illegal or other actions of Users, other Users and (or) third parties that prevent other Users from using the game / tournament.

27.12.2. User statements published in games / tournaments. The Provider is not responsible for the User's behavior in the game / tournament and in the resources of the gaming tournament, including disrespect for other users.

27.12.3. Loss of access to the account created by the User (loss of login, password, nickname, other information necessary for the User to participate in the game / tournament).

27.12.4. Lack of user access to the Internet and the quality of services of Internet access Providers.

27.12.5. Direct or indirect losses by the User or third parties, as well as loss of profit as a result of the use or inability to use the game or other resources to participate in a tournament or the inability to participate in a tournament. Under any circumstances, the Provider's liability to the User is limited to an amount not exceeding the amount of payments received by the Provider from the User, starting from the moment the circumstances that led to the Provider's liability arise and until the termination of the circumstance.

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28.1. This Website, games on the site, tournaments, promotions, game resources and game elements contain many different materials and tools, including, but not limited to, technology, software, interfaces, designs, texts, images, videos, sounds and music ("Content"). The Content and all intellectual property rights ("Rights") for the Content belong to the Provider and Third parties.

28.2. As soon as these T&Cs come into force between the User and the Provider, the Provider grants the User a personal, limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicense, revocable license that allows the User to access, view and use the site, site games, participate in tournaments or use other site services.

28.3. The User has no right to download (except in terms of the correct use or operation of the site, games of the site, other site services, proper participation in tournaments), copy, publish, record, distribute, print, reproduce, modify, adapt, transmit, distribute, protect copyright, trademark or make commercial use of any Content (in whole or in part) available on this Website or in games, tournaments, promotions, unless the User is expressly authorized in writing by the Provider in advance to do so.

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29. CHANGING the T&Cs

29.1. The Provider reserves the right to change these T&Cs at any time.

29.2. Please note that from time to time the Provider will need to change these T&Cs, the consumer data Privacy Policy and the KYC procedure, in order to reflect changes (the following points and not only):

29.2.1. In the Law;

29.2.2. In the service sector;

29.2.3. In the method of obtaining, using and storing the User's personal data.

29.3. The latest versions of the T&Cs, user Privacy Policy and KYC procedures are always available in the legal information section of the Website.

29.4. The Provider is not obliged to notify Users of changes made to the T&Cs, consumer Privacy Policy and KYC procedure and strongly recommends to check for updates themselves each time before visiting the Website or before using games and / or services of the Website. In addition, the Provider strongly encourages users to print copies of the T&Cs, consumer Privacy Policy and KYC procedures for user information.

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