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As it's common with most businesses, Wazdan went through a series of redefinitions, challenges, failures, and successes before it finally gained stability. It all started in 2010 when Wazdan began offering technological solutions to companies. The name of the company was then known to be Server Based Solutions. In the same year, Wazdan obtained its first license. The Malta Gaming Authority certified this provider to render casino-based services to the public in 2010. In 2012, Wazdan launched its first server-based casino, a feat that propelled that company and opened up so many opportunities for the company. 

Wazdan's dedication to creating new solutions that are also revolutionary is one of the company's greatest strengths. In 2015, the company changed its name from server-based solutions to the now popular Wazdan. This was another phase of business where they became more expressive about their vision to create a brand that delivers premium and entertaining products for the growing iGaming industry. And this was how Wazdan went through a brand redefinition. In the same year, Wazdan started creating HTML5 games which makes it possible for guests to play on both web and mobile-based platforms without needing to download any software. Fast forward to 2017, Wazdan obtained its second license - The UKGC. The UKGC is a standard license in the iGaming world. Some operators have indicated how difficult it is to obtain a UKGC license until certain conditions are satisfied. 

In 2019, Wazdan began its journey to reach more guests s by breaking into several International online gaming markets - And they succeeded. Wazdan is one of the prodigy software providers in the industry. In 2019 as well, they pushed for more licenses that enabled them to operate legally in various countries. Now, Wazdan is licensed to operate in countries like Romania, Lithuania, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Spain, Colombia, Netherlands, Greece, Sweden, Italy, Sweden, etc. 

The state of things now at Wazdan 

Wazdan is a new games supplier, but in over ten years of actively offering casino-based solutions to operators and, indirectly, players, it has produced some of the most interesting game titles. Wazdan breathes an uncommon air of creativity and thoughtfulness into their game’s products. Currently, Wazdan has more slot games in its collection of over 140 game titles. The company states that it is committed to creating at least 12 new games every year. Wazdan in just 10 years has received numerous awards both for its games and the innovative ideas that they bring into the iGaming space.

The types of games at Wazdan


Wazdan has more video slots in its collection than any other game. Wazdan slots have eye-catching graphics that would call attention any time, any day. They also have great titles that are inviting and would make you want to try out their games. What's more? Wazdan also has fantastic features that are unique and have now become the signature of Wazdan games. Regularly, Wazdan releases new titles to give guests s something to always look out for. At the moment, Wazdan is set to release a couple of upcoming slot games that are scheduled for May and June 2022 - They are Magic Spins, 9 Burning Dragons, and Sizzling Eggs. 

Wazdan slots typically have 3, 5, or 6-reels with 20 pay lines, big winning ways, and varying RTPs, the least being 96%. 

Table games 

Wazdan doesn't have a lot of these at the moment. Certainly, as the company expands, more and more table games will be available. Currently, Wazdan table games include roulette, Blackjack, and other specialty games like Sic Bo, and Bingo.

Wazdan doesn't have any live casino games to its name, perhaps in the future, such products would be available

Video poker 

Wazdan game lobby also includes some video poker that is fun to play. If you have what it takes to outsmart the house, then slide it into one of Wazdan's partners for a video poker session.

Unique Wazdan game features 

Wazdan games have four peculiar features that make them stand out from a thousand other games out there. 

  1. Volatility Levels: This feature gives players the freedom to tweak the games' win size and the frequency to their preferred choice. This is quite different from what you see in regular games where the provider determines the volatility of the games, and the players can't alter or modify any of its features. That said, the logic of volatility levels remains active in these games. High volatility means bigger wins, however, the wins aren't steady. With lower volatility, wins are small but they happen more. And lastly, on the volatility level feature, there is a standard model that balances the wins and the frequency of their appearance. This feature is unique to wazdan games, and it's a trademarked feature. 

  1. Ultra-fast mode: This is one of the great things about Wazdan games. This feature allows players to alter the speed of what happens on the reels. When this feature is turned on, the reels spin faster than usual, meaning faster results. This feature doesn't affect the RTPs or in-game features like scatter-free free spins symbols, etc. 

  1. Ultra-lite mode: The Ultra mode is one proof of Wazdan's thoughtfulness in games development that considers the internet speed of players while they are playing. This feature allows guests s that are having slow internet connectivity to do more despite the speed of the internet. It reduces how long it takes the games to load, meaning the games load can load as fast as 5x times the regular time. This feature also shuts out all the additional aesthetics of the game like animation, and sound, but still maintains the integrity and relevant features of the game. 

  1. Big screen mode: This feature gives a full-screen view of the reels. It takes off the game's logo icons, animations, and the settings buttons, replacing them with buttons needed to just spin the reels. This feature was first introduced at the ICE in 2019, which further proves Wazdan as an innovative games studio. 

  1. Energy saving mode: This mode helps you conserve the power on your mobile device so that you can finish the game session despite low power. This Wazdan's feature is capable of extending the power on your mobile device by up to 40%. 

  1. Buy feature: With this feature, you can buy a bonus round as opposed to waiting to come across one while playing. Note that it costs way more than your bet size in normal spins. 

  1. Gamble feature: This wazdan's feature gives you the chance to double your winning after a spin. You can lose your winning as well - It's a 50/50 gamble. This feature can help you multiply a winning by huge amounts because it runs 7 times once activated. 

 Most popular games created by Wazdan 

  • Fortune reels: This Ox-themed video slot has 6 reels and a staggering 46656 ways of winning on it. It has a volatility level of 96.12%. This game is one of the popular 'Hold the Jackpot' wazdan slots that help you maximize the bonus symbols that appear as you spin. This Wazdan slot gives you the chance to win 2100x of your bets. It also has bonus symbols like the Expanding wild, sack symbol, Gamble feature, and wild features. This Wazdan slot has three unique features. In this game, you can use Wazdan's unique features like Big screen, Ultrafast, and volatility levels. It can also be played on several platforms like Android, iOS, tablets, and Windows desktop computers. Fortune reels support over 24 languages, and it's overall an exciting adventure on the reels. 
  • 9 Lions: This award-winning Wazdan slot game is a great thrill. With 9 reels and an RTP of 96.59%, you are set for an exhilarating time on this Wazdan slot. The games give you 1000x of your bets and you also get to enjoy game features like Lions Bonus, Dragons Bonus, and Block symbol modes. Added to those are Wazdan's unique features like Big Screen, Ultrafast, Ultra-lite, and Volatility level. It's supported on both mobile, tablet, and desktop computers. You can play this game on Android, Windows, Apple, HTML5 browsers, etc. It's available in over 24 languages. 
  • Sun of Fortune: This is another 'Hold the jackpot' wazdan game created with 16 reels, and an RTP of 96.15%. This Wazdan slot gives you 1450x of whatever your bets are. This wazdan game also has in-game features like 'Hold the Jackpot', buy feature, gamble feature, and wild symbol. You can also use Wazdan's unique features like volatility levels, big screen, ultrafast, etc on it. This wazdan slot can be played on mobile tablets, phones, and personal computers. It's supported on Android, Windows, iOS, Apple, and HTML5 browsers. Lastly, the Sun of Fortune is available in over 23 languages. 
  • Sizzling Moon: This is a space-themed Wazdan slot with 16 reels, giving guests s 2500x of their bets. This game has an RTP of 96.14% with varying volatilities. You will enjoy bonus features like Hold the jackpot, Sticky bonus symbol, wild, buy and gamble feature. It also has Wazdan unique features like the big screen, volatility levels, and ultra-fast. This game is available in over 24 languages. It can be played on mobile tablets, phones, and desktop computers. It's compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Apple, HTML5 enabled devices. 


What makes Wazdan games unique?

Wazdan games have a couple of innovative features that are peculiar to the brand. They include volatility level, energy saver, buy, gamble, Ultra-lite, big screen, and ultrafast. These features have been praised by guests who play Wazdan games as having a good effect on their overall gaming experience.

Is Wazdan a new software provider?

Yes, Wazdan is a young software provider that entered the iGaming market in 2010. However, the brand is making waves with its innovative products. Watch out for this

Are Wazdan games safe to play?

Yes, Wazdan games are safe since they are audited and verified by respected professional bodies, and are proven to be fair and balanced.