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Virtual Generation Games is a betting platform and operator that focuses on providing players with conventional games. This platform focuses on providing punters with odds on virtual games that follow those played in reality. The platform focuses on markets like Greyhounds, Horse Racing, Virtual Horse Racing, Keno, Color, American Roulette, Italian and English League.

Virtual Generation Games have continued to grow globally, with their services tipped to compete with major bookmakers and providers. A special feature of Virtual Generation Games is their seamless operation and easy access. Once players access the site, they can start to play immediately and have fun. 

Virtual Generation Games offer top-notch protection to players and use high-end encryption for secured transactions. The platform is very flexible, making it an easy favorite. Below are the games that the platform offers.

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Greyhounds, Virtual Football League, Horse Racing, Keno, American Roulette

Variations of Virtual Generation Games

Virtual Generation has many types of games players can wager on. There are different categories of games, all of which have a global appeal. If you prefer to wager on horses, football, Keno, and other games. Below are the games that Virtual Generation offers.


Greyhounds offer the most popular hounds in beautiful track experience to create the desired virtual betting effort. Greyhounds give their players the chance to win by setting several other hounds against your favorite one in a bet to determine the winner. 

With beautiful scenery, the game features six competitors who race toward the platform to determine the winner. The game comes in the standard HD quality for all gamers and features one race every six minutes. The Greyhound interface is compatible with other sports and offers users the leverage of a random picker.

The Greyhounds is nothing short of a thrilling track bet game that gives users the freedom to bet on the following ten scheduled races. 

Horse Racing 

The famous horse racing doesn't get any better with Virtual Generation. With various horses that count up to 500 in number and races that amount up to 250 turns every single day. With over fourteen different betting options, users will get an exciting horse racing experience that features six runners per game, with games every six minutes.

Horse racing here can be pre-recorded to user preference, and its interface is also combinable with several other sports. Users can also place a bet on the next ten races already scheduled.

Horse Racing is available on mobile applications and the standard desktop, which both online and shop clients can utilize.

Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual horse racing here is not much different from conventional horse racing, considering the specs. Virtual horse racing also features up to 500 horses that compete in an average of 250 races daily. The game has numerous betting options like horse racing, including the winner option, the exacta, the placed options, etc. 

The virtual horse racing game features six runners, with competitions every six minutes. Users can also bet on ten scheduled games beforehand. Virtual horse racing at Virtual Generation is also compatible with other sports and offers the random picker option.


Keno is designed to impress and be relatively easy for almost any user. Keno is a game for all kinds of users, with a user-friendly interface that users find quick to master. Keno features a number matching display, where the user has to match as many numbers as possible to win as big as possible.

Keno is built on 80 numbers, and 20 draws where users have to guess the correct numbers and hope to be lucky. Keno's visuals are created on the standard HD display and virtual service. Users can pick a draw-in as early as every three minutes and also bet on ten numbers at a go. Virtual Generation went one step further to make the payout tables customizable by the user himself.


Color is made with the most aesthetic design yet. Featuring a forty-nine number display, players have to monitor the statistics and choose the number and color combos. The outcome of these combinations is what determines whether players win or not. Colors come with a three-color determinant, which is Red, blue, and green.

Players can draw up to six numbers and play as frequently as three minutes. Color has lesser available betting options, including Bet-49, BET ZERO, and HI-LO. Virtual Generation offers a free game demo for players who wish to check out colors without betting. 

American Roulette 

Virtual Generation offers the famous roulette experience in the fun-packed American roulette game. The service provider made the roulette experience more realistic with pre-recorded roulette videos. With impressive visuals that highlight the thrill of every spin, the American roulette is built on a 38-number combo.

Pre-recorded videos are in HD, as the game's interface lets players bet in style. The American roulette offers a spin every three minutes and allows players to bet on the following three spins at a go. American Roulette also supports the combination with other sports

English league

Virtual Generation, just like a modern bet service provider, has given its users the platform to keep up with the English League and make profits. Players need to pick the games they prefer at any time, make their analysis, and place the bet. Afterward, a user only needs to keep up with the outcome of the matches and check for winnings or losses.

The English league has two different divisions that account for over 40 teams. With virtual games in HD, users can play as many as twenty matches every six minutes. Virtual Generation allows users to bet on three championship match days of each league division. 

The English league comes with many available betting options, including the correct score, 1×2, total goals, etc. Users can also check out the game on the demo before betting on it.

Italian league

The Italian league is identical to the English league with the only variation of the club and player names. These differences are only in line with the location and structure of the English Premier League and the Italian Seria A. The Italian league also has Over 40 teams spread across two divisions and an impressive virtual display in HD. The Italian league on Virtual Generation also offers as many as twenty matches every six minutes. Betting options are also numerous, as it is with the English league, and it's built to be compatible with other sports. The Italian league can feature on a mobile application and the client's computers.

The Italian league software also offers the random picker to make the gaming experience more accessible. 

Fairness and Reliability 

Virtual Generation is a licensed, accredited provider that offers fair games. The platform uses the RNG system and odd sharing for players. All a player needs to do is choose the odds and events that align with their need and wager. The platform is very reliable and can always be trusted.

Popular Games by Virtual Generation




American roulette

Table game

A pre-recorded video of the roulette game. It features 38 numbers, including 0, and 00. It features a customizable number of daily spins. Players can bet on three consecutive spins



An easy-to-play game with 80 numbers and 20 draws. Available in virtual and in full HD. Players can bet up to 10 successive games


Virtual game

A game of bets on numbers. 6 numbered balls can be selected from a range of 1-49, divided into three colors. It has 6 types of bets

Virtual horse racing

Virtual game

Bet on a winning horse and participate in the race. It features 6 jockeys and horses. One race lasts 5 minutes. It features 288 races daily

Horse racing

Virtual game

A pre-recorded video of horse races. Features 6 jockeys and horses. Players can bet on up to 10 consecutive race. It has customizable number of races and odds

Virtual football league

Virtual game

A football game featuring popular football league championships. Players can place 1460 different types of bets for each game

Cock fighting

Virtual game

A pre-recorded video of cock fights used to make bets in real-time. Allows for 5 wagers per fight. Players can bet on up to 10 consecutive fights

Is Virtual Generation Games Optimized for Mobile?

While Virtual Generation Games are played mostly in Betting centers and PCs, players can also use their mobile phones to access the events and odds. The graphics and animation are not distorted on phones and are as great as they are on PCs. A stand-out feature about the platform games is that they are great for both Android and IOS operating systems. 

There are a lot of advantages that come with playing on a mobile device, with the major one being the convenience that they offer. Players can play all of the games with their mobile anywhere and anytime. This particular benefit is not fully available for PCs and desktops as they may require an even higher data connection.

The Takeaway

Virtual Generation Games offer players excellent services that make them stand out among their competitors. There are more than 7 categories of bets to wager on, with each one having a vast number of events and odds. Below are the pros and cons of choosing this platform. 

Pros of Virtual Generation

  • Games have a high-definition picture, and video quality.
  • Offers multiple bet options.
  • Variety of virtual games.

Cons of Virtual Generation

  • Only a few games on offer.


Are Virtual Generation Games Available Globally?

Virtual Generation Games offer its services to players globally. People from different countries can access the provider and wager on their games. However, it is essential to note that Virtual Generation Games also respect local laws guiding gambling and urge players in different countries to keep to the laws.

Is Virtual Generation Games Mobile Optimized?

Yes. Virtual Generation Games betting options can be accessed by smartphone users. The website is well designed for IOS and Android operating systems, which almost all smartphones run on.

Do Virtual Generation Games offer slots?

Virtual Generation Games offer many sports betting options, including Greyhounds, Riding, Football, and Keno. However, the platform does not offer slot games as it is more focused on offering conventional bets.