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TrueLab Games was founded in 2000 by a group of friends looking for a fun way to play their favorite board games. It soon discovered that it had created something special in bringing passion for board games into the digital age and creating a platform that connects gamers across the globe through an online community.

With over 100 million registered players, TrueLab has become the largest global community of gamers and continues to expand every day. Today, the company is at its peak and still going strong.

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TOP-5 slot machines

Ultra Hot Reels, Wild Pumpkin, Crazy Mix, Stress Muse, Moooving Wilds

Online Casino Games From True Lab

The TrueLab provides the online casino games; This licensed operator works under strict regulations of gaming laws and has been granted license number 1425/JAZ by Florida, USA.

TrueLab is one of the biggest names in gaming technology and is known for the high-quality game software that it has developed over the years. TrueLab has produced some of the best online casino games like;

  • Double Diamond Slots
  • Triple Diamond slots
  • Big Bang slots and many others.

If you want casino games that you can play online, TrueLab is an excellent choice you should try out. Their casino games are straightforward and can give you hours of fun even if you're not familiar with them. You need to visit their website and choose whichever casino games you'd like to play.

Popular Games TrueLab Offers:

Double Diamond:

Double Damond slot machine game is one of the best casino games on the internet. If you've never played slots before, this is your chance to experience what can quickly become one of the top 5 casino games in the world.

The name says it all. This is more than just another slot machine; it is a whole new breed of gaming from Casino Technology that will appeal to experienced players and beginners, suitable for those new to video slots.

Triple Diamond slots:

This slot game allows players to play for real money at the Triple Diamond slot machine game. This 5-reel video slot game has three diamond-shaped reels that spin counter-clockwise. You can win prizes by landing winning combinations.

Crypts of Fortune:

Crypts of Fortune is a game that allows players to try their luck at finding secret treasures hidden in the dark dungeons of the game. Your goal is to find all the treasure chests inside the dungeon to win. You have to explore each dungeon floor, which is randomly generated and can lead to riches or death for this to happen.

In Crypts of Fortune, you play as a brave knight who sets out to fulfill his king's dream of discovering hidden treasures in a dark cave full of monsters. Your task is to search through each dungeon level, consisting of four floors, until you find out all the treasure chests and reach the exit.

The game starts with you entering the first level of the dungeon. You start with only a torch and some essential equipment. As you travel deeper into the dungeon, you'll notice that the ground turns from white to black. This means that you're going deeper underground. As long as you don't run out of oxygen, you won't die. But if you stay too long in the dark, you might become disoriented, resulting in your death. If you encounter any enemies, you are automatically defeated. However, you can use your armor to block attacks. When you take damage, you lose a life point. Lose all three points, and you die.

If you're concerned about security on the website, please note that it is 100% safe and secure. 

Popular Games by TrueLab




Ultra Hot Reels


Ultra Hot Reels is a fruit-themed, high-volatility slot game that features a 3x3 layout and five paylines, and a terrific bonus multiple

Wild Pumpkin

Video Slot

Wild Pumpkins is an amazingly dark medium volatility game offering 4096 paylines with 6 reels and 4 rows. The game also features sticky wilds

Enchanted Forest

Video Slot

Enchanted Forest is a superb, low volatility, 3x3 slot game that also features a single reel respins in addition to several bonus features

Victoria Wild West

Video Slot

Victoria Wild West is a wild west themed medium volatility, 3x5 slot game 

Scroll Of Jiuweihu

Video Slots

Scroll of Jiuweihu is a 3x5 mystical slot with awesome graphics, two types of Free Spins, and expanding symbols. The max win is up to x15,000.

Street Muse

Video Slots

This Street-styled high volatility and fast-paced slot offer big multipliers, three expanding reels, and four bonus features.

Moooving Wilds

Video Slots

Moooving Wilds” is a twister-themed 3x5 slot with moving wilds, tornado respins, and a multipliers package!

Micropirates & The Kraken Of The Caribbean

Video Slots

Caribbean is an insanely amusing 7x6 slot with cascading clusters, Powder Rush, Wild features, collection progress, and a max win of up to x10000

SunStrike Respin


This game has engulfing reels in flames and a sudden sunstrike that brings about expanding Wilds and kick-starting respins. 

Viking Runes

Video Slots

Viking Runes is a high-volatility slot with stylized visuals, Free Spins, and jaw-dropping pays of up to x25,000.

Features of TrueLab Games

  1. Gameplay

TrueLab games are designed around several game modes, including Story Mode, Free Play, Time Trial Mode, Mission Mode, Survival Mode, and Arcade Mode. In story mode, players take control over a character from any of the five TrueLab titles, and they can unlock additional characters and weapons using experience points earned throughout gameplay. As players play through the story mode, they earn experience points that allow them to level up their character. Each time a player levels up, he gains access to a new weapon type (e.g., machine gun). Weapons include various firearms, rifles, shotguns, and even grenade launchers! Players who enjoy shooting games may find this aspect extremely satisfying.

  1. Level Design & Graphics

TrueLab's designers have created some incredibly detailed environments and locations. From the lush vegetation of the jungle to the Icy terrain of Antarctica, each domain offers its unique challenge. Players can expect intense battles with hundreds of enemies to fight off in Story Mode. TrueLab has also included some of the best graphics in a mobile gaming app. The characters look great, and the smooth animations give players a true sense of immersion. Some background art and cutscenes are taken directly out of the game.

  1. Online Multiplayer

TrueLab has been designed from the ground up with online multiplayer in mind. This includes options for both local and global multiplayer. Players can create a private profile and choose from among four different character classes; Gunslinger, Medic, Engineer, and Sniper. With the help of our cloud technology, multiple users can simultaneously connect and battle against each other locally. We offer worldwide multiplayer compatibility as well.

  1. Customer Service

TrueLab provides top-notch customer service to all of its valued customers. Their staff works tirelessly day-to-day to provide exceptional customer service to all users. You will get quick answers to any questions regarding the products and how they work.

  1. Providing game knowledge

TrueLab games have been providing high-quality products for years. It knows that the best way to help its customers is through education, and that's why we decided to share some knowledge about TrueLab games products.

Benefits of TrueLab Games Online Casino Software

TrueLab online casino software provider has proven to help players improve their gaming skills. They provide fun features that are free to download but can cost money if used in real casinos. Free online slots are not always a suitable replacement for playing at live casinos.

There is a massive difference between the two. You do not need special equipment, like chips, cards, or a computer, when playing online slots. Instead, your browser is connected directly to the online slot machine. This means you can play anytime from anywhere without worrying about anything else. In addition, TrueLab games' online casino software is programmed to meet the highest industry standards for quality and fairness.

Games by TrueLab with the highest RTP



European Roulette


Robby The Illusionist


Startup Valley


Mining Factory


Street Muse


Crazy Mix


Victoria Wild West


Moooving Wilds


Ultra Hot Reels.


Wild Pumpkin


Pros of TrueLab

  • Presence of a wide variety of slots with diverse themes.
  • HTML5, mobile-optimized games.
  • Unbeatable graphics and immersive gameplay.
  • Multiple video slots.

Cons of TrueLab

  • There are no progressive jackpot bonuses.
  • No table games.
  • No live deals.


Do TrueLab Games online gambling clubs offer rewards?

Indeed, they genuinely have rewards that players from numerous nations are guaranteed to receive. They offer different forms of Welcome Bonuses, Reload Bonuses, Cashback, and an assortment of Loyalty Rewards. Look through the TrueLab Games club rundown to see what's on offer.

Is TrueLab Games authorized and directed?

The studio is authorized in Malta and confirms its games with two legitimate testing labs, Tech Labs and eCOGRA.

Can I win genuine real cash in the TrueLab Games Interactive web-based club?

Yes, you can. Anyone can win real money with TrueLab games only if they play with real money. This is a provider of genuine cash gambling club content, and there are many spots to appreciate TrueLab spaces. Ensure you realize which opening form you play as there can be more than one of them, and they all have different RTP.