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Thunder Spin is a major casino slot provider that offers players amazing casino slots the company which is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority has been operating over the years as one of the most trusted organizations players can trust. Its games are featured on popular casino platforms across the globe.

A standout feature about Thunder Spin Games is its high video graphic resolutions that allow seamless playing and enjoyment. The provider slots are optimized for mobile, making it very easy for players to play. Thunder Spin boasts over 50 slot developers with at least 10 years of experience.

In addition, players can now enjoy Thunder Spin's exhilarating array of games at Slots City Casino. With this recent integration, the diverse and thrilling slots from Thunder Spin are readily accessible to patrons of Slots City Casino, further enhancing the gaming experience for enthusiasts. Whether players are seeking classic fruit machines or cutting-edge themed slots, Thunder Spin's offerings are sure to captivate and entertain within the dynamic environment of Slots City Casino. This collaboration underscores Thunder Spin's commitment to expanding its reach and providing top-tier entertainment to players worldwide.

High Paying Thunder Spin Slots

Thunder Spin has hundreds of casino slots in its portfolio. Some of the standout ones are listed in this section

Halloween Witch Party

This Thunder Spin slot is a 5 x 3 reel with 25 ways that enable players to win by matching similar symbols together. It features the Halloween spooky theme where a lovely witch organizes a ghostly party in a spooky hotel. This causes the witch to gather all the ghosts she can find to add life to the party.

The game vibe is not so bone-chilling, but the graphic is attractive with images that suit the theme perfectly. The slot has a bonus game, free spins multiplier, free spin, multiplier, symbol swap, bonus symbols, cascading wins, etc. Halloween Witch Party has a minimum wagering bet of $0.1, while the maximum wagering bet is $100. It is a high variance type with a 95.6% RTP which is below average compared to other slots in the industry. 

Players would need patients to land a big win in this slot, but its number of paylines makes small wins easy to grab. The slot also has 8 symbols that help players win prizes. Halloween Witch Party offers players a top win worth 2000 multiplied by their bet. 

Kingdom of Glory

Kingdom of Glory slot is a 5 x 3 reel with 20 many ways to win that enable players to land wins by matching similar symbols together. It has a medieval magical theme that features a story about King Arthur's Kingdom, chivalrous Knights, powerful wizards, beautiful princesses, and fair maidens. 

The kingdom of Glory takes you through an epic adventure where you will discover plenty of riches. The slot's design is attractive with a lush green and beautiful Kingdom where its castle is proudly standing in the background. With such a great quest, the provider matches the game with a heroic melody. 

The slot has wild, sticky wilds, scatter symbols, a nudge feature, free spins, etc. Kingdom of Glory has a minimum wagering bet of $0.2, while the maximum wagering bet is $200. It is a high variance type with a 96.2% RTP which is above average compared to other slots in the industry. Players would need patience to land big wins in this slot, but its number of paylines makes small wins easy to grab. This slot has 8 symbols that help award players with prizes. Kingdom of Glory offers players a top win worth 2000 multiplied by their bet.

Vikings Frozen Gods

Vikings Frozen Gods slot is a 5 x 3 reel with 25 different ways that players can use to win by matching together similar symbols. It has a Vikings theme where you would find the sculpture of the frozen Gods in the Northland deep cavern. It features richly detailed graphics and a doom-laden sound effect. 

The slot has wild, sticky wilds, random and additional wilds, scatter symbols, multiplier feature, free spins, benefits from no-win spins, and wild in free spins. Vikings Frozen Gods have a minimum wagering bet of $0.25 while the maximum wagering bet is $250. It is a high variance type with a 96.35% RTP which is above average compared to other slots in the industry. With patience, players are expected to land big wins in this slot, but its number of paylines makes small wins come frequently. 

The slot has 12 symbols with 10 high-paying symbols that award prizes to players. Viking Frozen Gods offer top wins worth 1000 multiplied by the player's bet. 

Angels vs. Demons

Angels vs. Demons slot is a 5 x 3 reel with 20 different ways that players can activate to win with the help of similar symbols. It has a fantasy theme that features the conflict between the holy angels and the satanic demons. The soundtrack is quite dramatic with 3D detailed images. It features free spins, re-spins, expanding wilds with re-spins, sticky wilds, and others. 

Angels vs. Demons has a minimum wagering bet of $0.20, while the maximum wagering bet is $200. It is a high variance type with a 96.44% RTP that is above average compared to other slots in the industry. Big wins are not so frequent in this slot, but it is usually worth it when the players remain patient. It has 9 symbols that help award prizes to players. Angels vs. Demons offers a top win worth 1000 multiplied by a player's bet.

How does Thunder Spin RNG Works?

Players trust Thunder Spin slots all over the world as their games are fair. All the slots designed by this provider are fair and are rooted in the Random Number Generator model. The Thunder Spin RNG system works with many numbers that show up randomly on each millisecond. Among these thousands of numbers generated in the slot, some will result in a win whenever they appear. 

The RNG generates a new number every millisecond, undermining if the reels are spinning or not. If a player lands a win in a Thunder Spin slot at the end of their spin, the RNG helps to generate a random winning number. Once the spin matches with the winning number, the player automatically lands a win. Although the RNG system makes slot winning seem difficult, there are several winning numbers found in the thousands of numbers randomly generated, so the chances of a winning number appearing in each millisecond are high. 

However, even with the RNG system, it is essential to understand that the RTP of a slot plays a vital role in steering up the player's chance of winning. This is another feature that makes the Thunder Spin slots stand out. Most of their slots offer players a high return to player rate. Some of their popular slots, like Vikings Frozen Gods, have a high RTP of 96.35%. Thunder Spin also has many other slots like Vikings Frozen Gods with a high RTP rate.

Thunder spin mobile compatibility 

The games and services on thunder spin are designed and built to run with mobile phones and applications. Even though many thunder spin users access the service provider from desktop and personal computers, mobile phone users are not at any disadvantage.

The balance between the mobile and PC experiences has been brought about by heavy optimization. Thunder spin has been able to design the site's interface and tailor the games to run as smoothly as possible on modern mobile devices. The Thunder Spin service provider has made its games and services compatible with all modern mobile operating systems, including Android and IOS.

Additionally, there are even certain advantages to accessing Thunder Spin's services from a mobile device. These advantages include a more straightforward gaming display, and the convenience involved that has got many users testifying. Using the Thunder spin provider can be very convenient with a mobile device and can be done on the go compared to stationary desktops.

Conclusively, Thunder spin's games and services are exceptionally compatible and accessible to users with mobile devices. Also, users will not have to worry about being disadvantaged because Thunder spin has taken the liberty to optimize the mobile experience entirely.

Take Aways from Thunder Spin

Thunder Spin is an excellent Casino provider that offers players a lot of breathtaking games. However, the slot only offers slot games. There are no Table Games, Bingo, or Keno.

Here are the pros and Cons of Thunder Spin



Hundreds of Slots Available

Only slots are available

High Graphics games

It is mobile optimized

Bonuses and Promotions for Thunder Spin Slots

Experience the thrill of Thunder Spin slots like never before at Slots City Casino, where we offer an array of enticing bonuses and promotions exclusively for our players. Delve into the world of Thunder Spin with our generous welcome package, designed to kickstart your gaming journey with a bang. As you spin the reels of Thunder Spin's immersive slots, you'll have the opportunity to unlock exciting bonuses such as free spins, deposit matches, and more. Keep an eye out for our regular promotions tailored specifically for Thunder Spin games, where you can earn even more rewards and enhance your chances of hitting the jackpot. At Slots City Casino, we're dedicated to providing our players with unparalleled excitement and rewards, making every spin with Thunder Spin an exhilarating experience. Join us today and embark on an unforgettable adventure filled with thrilling gameplay and lucrative bonuses!


What is the average RTP of Thunder Spins' games?

The games on Thunder spin have slightly varying RTPs. However, the average RTP ratio from most of its games is pegged at about 96.2%, which is a very impressive number on average. So you will never have to worry about the quality of the RTP ratio with Thunder spin because it is one of the best among online service providers.

How fair is the Thunder Spin software?

The Thunder spin software is fair to all. The Thunder spin service provider software uses a certified RNG system tested with standard parameters. These various trials have earned Thunder spins a license with the Malta Gaming Authority, itech labs, and the Gaming labs for certified RNGs. The service provider even scored an award for excellence in 2020 with the 5star iGaming media and Starlet awards. These are all checkable facts that prove just how fair the Thunder spin service provider is.

Do Thunder spins offer game bonuses?

Yes, they do. Most Thunder spin games have one or more bonus packages for every player. Ranging from multiple free spins to bonus games and bonus respins. Thunder spin is huge on bonuses, with some of the most generous bonus packages seen for an online service provider.

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