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Spribe is an iGaming software provider that creates casino games and products. As a futuristic company, Spribe follows industry trends and constantly reviews its products to guarantee the best quality. Spribe has games that suit many punters and players. They have created products around Slots, Skill games, Poker, Crash, and Turbo games. All of these games are currently dominating the iGaming scene.

As a brand, they aim to build top-notch products that satisfy players. Spribe’s executive team comprises talents who know their ball in iGaming software development and Casino Management. With their skills and experience, they are aware of the needs of operators and how best to serve their needs. 

Spribe’s gaming quality is top-tiered, and although Spribe’s portfolio is not exactly extensive, its games cut across different game types and categories. As a plus, Spribe provides top-quality in-game features where players can utilize the communication and sharing tools, analyze other people’s bets, and gain real-time information on their bets. 

General characteristics of Spribe







Game Categories

Slots, Card games, Turbo games, Poker games, Aviator

Play for money


Demo play


In-browser play


Mobile gaming


TOP-5 slot machines

Mines, Dice, HiLo, Plinko, Aviator

Quick History of Spribe Gaming Provider

Spribe gaming provider was established in November 2018 and entered a worthwhile partnership with the biggest Georgian online Casino Provider—Adjarabet. In early 2020, it launched the premium game, Aviator. Aviator is the most popular Spribe game and is loved by players. 

In April 2019, Spribe launched P2P games where players compete in real-time tournaments with other online players. Soon after the release of the P2P games, it also launched Turbo games in May 2019. Turbo games are Spribe’s version of Crash games. Spribe received its first gaming certification towards the end of 2019, and in November 2020, it launched Poker games. In December 2020, it received licensing from MGA & UKGC and also has licenses and certifications from different countries’ jurisdictions.

The Standout Features of Spribe Games

Spribe games are built with unique features to keep players engaged for long hours. Before you decide to play Spribe games, getting familiar with the software’s features is essential. Some of the features of Spribe include:

Built With a Simple, Mobile-friendly Technology

Spribe built its software with HTML5. This technology allows players to access Spribe games from any web platform, provided there is a stable internet connection. This means users can play games for as long as they want from the convenience of their favorite gadgets. These games are also innovative and focused on Poker and specific gambling skills.

Hosted on Trusted Cloud Provider

Spribe Gaming Software provider uses the Amazon web Services(AWS) and the Microsoft Azure Cloud computing platforms to host games, to ensure a smooth gaming experience. 

Unlimited Promo and Free Bets

Playing on this casino software provider is more fun with the fantastic bonuses and prizes that players can collect. There is also the rain promo feature that gives free bets to punters. To participate in this rain promo, whenever rain promo randomly appears on your screen, tap on the claim button to get free bets. These free bets increase players’ time in the game.   


Quality Engagement and Transparency 

Many games come with a live feature that players can utilize to engage other players. The live results allow users to view their stats and other players during games. There are also live bets to track gaming performance in real-time. Players can visit the game history to see how well their games performed.

Other Notable Features of Spribe Games

Spribe Gaming Software has many other features available for players. It gets even more exciting as Punters can access the games from a mobile device. Players can also automate their bets and cashout. Without cash, you can utilize the demo play feature to gain experience and understand the games without any risk. You’ll also find different games that intrigue you and hold your attention for hours.

Next, we’d be looking into the types of Spribe games. 

Popular Games by Spribe





Mini game

Originated from the video gaming industry. It is a new kind of social multiplayer game consisting of an increasing curve that can crash anytime


Mini game

Players can cash out after each successful guess and take their winnings. This game has stars and land mines hidden on the field


Mini game

A gamer predicts the next action by selecting the «high or same» or «low or same» button. Thereafter, he selects one of 3 cards to guess right


Mini game

Gamers have to predict whether the dice outcome will be higher or lower than the selected number


Mini game

You can alter the number of pins and hence the difficulty level of the game

Mr Mini Roulette


A simplified version of Roulette that allows you to place your bets on 12 numbers: black or red odd, even, 7-12, and 1-6



Select the betting amount you can afford. You can start betting from as low as 1 $

Russian Poker

Card game

Before the game starts, you need to guess the numbers, colors, odd numbers, even numbers, or range of numbers. Based on your initial guess, if you have a better hand than the dealer, you will win

Fortune Wheel


This game has a slick design and a purple/red color scheme. The central feature is the wheel, which contains several slots



Spribe HotLine is a game that emerged from the burgeoning esports scene

The Most Popular Categories Spribe Games

Spribe pride itself in the mixture of games it offers, making it appealing to diverse players. The company focuses on three gaming categories: Turbo games, Skills games, and Poker games. 

Turbo Games

Turbo games are Spribe Crash games. With crash games, players have a fair chance to win big prizes as they have maximum control over the games. The exciting about Turbo games and why punters love them is because they are super fast and thrilling.

The most common Turbo game is Aviator, Spribe’s flagship game that is super popular amongst gamers. The bulk of Spribe’s portfolio is on Turbo games. So, apart from Aviator, there are other Turbo games like Mines, Dice, Mini Roulette, HiLo, Plinko, Keno, Goal, Hotline, Scratch, Fortune wheel, Black Jack, and Russian Poker. These games have a high return to player(RTP). The RTP goes as high as 97%. 

Poker Games

Poker is a game category, and it’s also a game in itself. When you play Spribe poker games, you stand a chance to win amazing bonuses. The game is developed with advanced technology to facilitate tournaments and practical engagement. It comes with tournament modules, management and reporting systems, and engagement tools. These tools involve loyalty systems, unique offers, and gamified missions. 

There are about three poker game types. Spribe has Hold’em, Omaha, and Omaha 6+. The Spin and Sit & Go additional game modes make it more fun and exciting. Players can partake in different tournaments such as Satellites, Flip, Re-buy and add-ons, BuyIn, Bounty, or Progressive Bounty Tournaments. 

The poker game comes with fantastic player protection features. Poker players can view the history of other players. You can also use the in-game button to request a moderator’s support and check back the history of your video reply after every round. 

Skill Games

Skill games are P2P games, and tens of thousands of users play them. Many Spribe skills games have tournament systems that will keep players continuously active. Designed with HTML, it can be played from any internet-connected device. The games are also well designed and have a simple interface for gamers.

There are many types of Skill games on Spribe gaming software. You’ll find Seka, Backgammon, Domino, and Bura. These games come in unique varieties and can be played in tournaments. The tournaments are Satellites, Re-buy, Buyin, and Freeroll. Skill games are also designed with spin games as an additional gaming mode.

Popular Examples of Spribe Games

  1. Aviator

Aviator is the flagship game of Spribe and is also the most popular. It is a multiplayer game based on a curve multiplier. The game involves a small plane taking off. Your stake keeps multiplying until you end it or the plane takes off. The most thrilling part is that you risk losing your stakes if you are moments late, so you must be on time. 

  1. Spribe Dice

The Spribe dice game has a high winning range from players offering up to 97% RTP. The dice game allows users to start from 1.10x their stakes and go as high as 970x. In this game, you’ll find a mini screen with oval lines. These lines stand for the roll value. You can select from 0 to 100. When you choose a payout, you’d guess whether the rollout will be over or under a specific value. To roll, select any of the options and see the instant outcome.

  1. Mini Roulette

If you love table games, then Roulettes needs no introduction. You can play Spribe’s mini roulette games to enjoy enticing bonuses. The game is designed with a small Roulette wheel numbering 1 to 12. The lowest payout for this game is 1.94, while the highest payout is 11.64. You can start to play Spribe’s Roulette wheel for as low as $0.01 and as high as $50. 

You’ll find common Roulette bets like singles, couples, and baskets. You can pick different numbers, whether Odd or Even numbers or High or Low numbers. 

  1. Spribe Keno

This is a variation of the instant win game where you have to pick ten numbers out of 36. If any of the numbers selected tallies with the drawn number of the game, you win. Your payout goes higher depending on the amount of chosen numbers that match the drawn games. Players can decide to select their numbers or let the machine help. The exciting part of this game is winning as much as 100x  your stake.

  1. Fortune Wheel

As its name implies, this is a wheel of fortune where gamers can get 100x their initial stake amount. The game involves a wheel with different slots, and these slots hide attractive bonuses from you. The game has a feature for high-risk players. With this feature, you aim for the highest payouts on your stake. The games are all-in-all fair and random. 

Final Thoughts on Spribe Software Games Provider

Spribe is a creative software gaming provider. The company specializes in crash games with a mixture of Poker and P2P games. The main aim of Spribe games is to create top-notch games that will intrigue players. 

Games by Spribe with the highest RTP





Mr Mini Roulette








Russian Poker






Fortune Wheel


Scratch card game


Pros of Spribe

  • Spribe is Certified in 20+ jurisdictions.
  • You can play the games on the go with demo mode.
  • Spribe can accept up to 2000 bets simultaneously.
  • There are over 1000+ active gamers that play Spribe games.

Cons of Spribe

  • The site has a limited number of games.
  • Limited information about the provider.


Is Spribe Games licensed

Yes, Spribe’s games are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, and other jurisdictions.

Are Spribe Games Fair?

Spribe’s games are fair for all. This software provider uses cryptography to ensure fairness and randomness.

What type of games does Spribe offer?

Spribe Games has a variety of games on its platform. They have Crash games, Roulette, Poker, Keno, and other games.