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OneTouch started in 2015 at the instance of the invention of the idea that the gaming industry was lacking something, plenty of things. In the quest to fill one of these gaping holes, which is the lack of actively engaging mobile-first games, OneTouch has ended up as one of the highest service providers of both table games and mobile slots. They have offices in Malta, the Philippines, Spain, and Ukraine, with their headquarters in Estonia.

In order to fix this problem, they used the mobile-first approach. As the name suggests, it means their priority was making the games easier to play on handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. When you play the games they successfully developed for play on mobile devices, it's clear that every factor was considered. You'll play any of OneTouch's games with only one finger of either hand with no discomfort.

In addition, the very fact that these games are often played with such ease on mobile phones does not in any way reduce the worth of the experience when played on larger devices.

General Characteristics of One Touch







Game Categories

Slots, live games, table games, arcade, Japanese games

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In-browser play


Mobile gaming


TOP-5 slot machines

Lucky Lion, Queens of Glory Legacy, Bonus Track, Traveling Treasures Brazil, Steam Vault

OneTouch Games: Table Games and Mobile Slots

OneTouch offers a range of table games which include Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat - their specialty, among others. These classics have been around for an awfully very long time, but OneTouch has improved them, now calling them modern classics.

Their mobile slots include Lucky Lion, Steam Vault, Traveling Treasures, Juicy 7, Watford FC, and Sumo Showdown.

Why Do OneTouch Games Stand Out?

Mobile-first Approach

Having noticed that playing online casino games on handheld devices was becoming the new trend, OneTouch took it upon itself to form things easier for its players. Their primary focus shifted to making the interface more appealing, placing buttons in locations that could be easily accessed by either a right-handed or left-handed player. For games that have wheels, like roulette, the wheel is placed in the middle of the screen, so you'll be able to access it with either thumb easily. This mobile-first approach became their point.

One-touch Ergonomics

Players can play a full game - rolling, spinning, betting, and winning - with only one finger. This is often a part of their mobile-first approach, but it stands out because it's particularly rare among other mobile casino games service providers.

Side Bets

Almost all of OneTouch's games have additional side bets that function as another source of winning. The winnings are often used to increase your stakes in whatever game you're playing. Moreover, most other service providers offer only one side bet. On the other hand, OneTouch allows for multiple wide bets, providing you with more chances.

Provably Fair Feature

This feature makes it possible for you to verify whether cards were actually dealt and wheels were spun randomly. OneTouch ensures that there's no unseen hand driving the force of the dealings and makes sure that you can corroborate that fact.

Latest Technology

OneTouch uses only the most effective technology like HTML5 when developing their games. This ensures safety and security. It also makes your gaming experience pleasing as there are no bugs, hitches, or technical problems.

Attractive Interface

The online casino spaces are attractive, and that's why they keep you returning. In poker, for example, it is a rich green attractive color that makes it appear as if you're actually experiencing the sport live. There are a range of options for how you wish your online casino space to look like. In some games, you get the choice of fixing color, size, and so on.


Onetouch slots and table games are available in many languages, which increases their customer base. It is often played in Chinese and English, among seven others.

The Pride of OneTouch Studios: The Baccarat

The Baccarat is one of OneTouch's most played table games. It's one amongst their modern classics, that is, a classic that they've improved upon and added their OneTouch to.

Its special features include a squeezed action that further increases the suspense, making your adrenalin rush even faster. The sounds that include rolling and winning are all sounds that make you think you're live at the casino and make your experience even more enjoyable.

It also features a Lucky 6 side bet and the preferred roadmaps: Bead Road and large Road. There's a variation called the "Baccarat Supreme No Commission," where you get to win as big as possible since the banker takes no commission. Baccarat could be a simple card that's easily understood, won, and is instantly available. It's a decent place to begin for a beginner.

How the sport Works:

Just like in standard Baccarat, the player and the banker draw cards, and you say it on whose total value is closer to nine. You'll also punt a tie when both the player and the banker have identical total value.

In a normal game, the banker takes a 5% commission of the winnings, but with OneTouch's No Commission variation, you'll be able to get the full payment when you win.

Play OneTouch Blackjack Classic Perfect Pairs and Collect Your Wins Instantly

This game, released by OneTouch in August of 2018, is everything you have ever dreamed of, easy to play on your handheld devices with single-touch interactivity and, therefore, the best online casino experience you'll have. It features a side bet which pays you instantly. Therefore, you'll use your wins to up your stake within the main game.

Popular Games by One Touch




Lucky Lion

Video slot

This game has 20 paylines, medium volatility, and an RTP of 96.09%. It has a 5x3 layout and it can be played in over 10 languages

Juicy 7

Video slot

This game has a 3x3 grid with 27 paylines. It has an RTP of 96.13% and a medium to low volatility.

Steam Vault

Video slot

A 3x3 reel with low volatility and an RTP of 96.10%. It has 27 paylines, it can be played across most platforms

Queens of Glory

Video slot

This 5x3 reel game has 10 paylines and a medium volatility. It has an RTP of 96.03% and features Scatter, free games, Wilds, etc.

Flexing Dragons

Video slot

This 6x7 reel slot has 117 649 paylines and high volatility with an RTP of 96.05%

Baccarat Supreme

Table game

This table game has a double RTP of 98.94% for banker and 98.76% for guest. This game can be played in over 12 languages

God hand

Video slot

Classic Blackjack

Table game

Typical blackjack game with an RTP of 99.32%. This HTML5 table game can be played on Android, Windows, or iOS devices

Loot Or Boot


A pirate theme game with a medium/high volatility and an RTP of 95%. It can be played on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices

Bonus Track

Video slot

This is a 3x3 lay out with an RTP of 96.10%. It has a low volatility and offers a maximum win of 2500x 

How the Game Works:

In Blackjack, 21 is the new 7, and  21 is the magic number that you must not go past. Two or more players play against the dealer, and the players try to make sure that their cards' total value is close to or equal to 21. If it exceeds 21, it signifies that the player has gone bust, which is an automatic loss.

Enjoy Different Versions of OneTouch's Poker

The most favored versions of OneTouch's poker are High Hand Hold'em and Hold'em poker. The other versions include Russian Poker, In Between Poker, and Andar Bahar.

All the poker versions are fun and full of suspense as your decision-making skills and strategic planning ability are constantly put to the test.

How the Game Works:

To play OneTouch Poker, all you have to do is place your ante bet, then choose to flop by the same value or fold your card. As the game progresses, you can choose to add more bets or just check. After dealing all the cards, the dealer turns over his cards, and whoever has the best hand wins. It is almost like the regular Texas Hold'em.

Reel with OneTouch Mobile Slots

One of OneTouch's most popular online slots is the fruity Juicy 7. It takes the regular approach of most other mobile slots but with brighter, bolder colors. It is 3-reeled, so when the same symbol shows across all three reels, you get sixty times the stakes you placed.

Lucky Lion changes the whole game by being five-reeled, but it follows the same method as Juicy 7. Here, you try to line up the same wild symbols across the reels to win a multiple of your stakes.

OneTouch's Mobile-First Approach: The Ultimate Game-changer

OneTouch will always stand out because it has answered its target audience's unasked questions. The mobile-first approach was becoming less of an option than it was a necessity, and that is what OneTouch leveraged on.

Its use of only the most advanced technology also ensures that the users enjoy a smooth ride without any hitches or technical issues.

Lastly, its Provably Fair Feature, as the name suggests, ensures fairness in all dealings. Players never have to worry about having been cheated by the dealer.

Games by OneTouch with the Highest RTP



Golden Stripe


Grand Heist Feature Buy


Lady Fortuna


Snack Blast


Pip’s Quest


The Maiden And The Swordman


Forgotten Pharaoh


Tiki Terror


Neon 2077


Traveling Treasures Brazil


Wacky Wildlife


Pros of One Touch

  • 70+ different interesting games.
  • Flashy graphics and exciting animations.
  • Games available on multiple platforms.
  • High return to player percent.

Cons of One Touch

  • Does not have a lot of live games on offer.


Does OneTouch only make online slots?

No. OneTouch also makes classic table games like Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat. OneTouch, in fact, started with developing table games.

Are the dealings fair?

Yes. One of OneTouch's special features is its Provably Fair feature which ensures that pickings, spinnings, and rollings are all done at random. It also provides a means by which you can verify that the dealings are fair.

Is it safe to use OneTouch software?

Yes, it is safe. OneTouch is licensed by MGA in Malta which guarantees its safety. It also makes use of only tested and trusted technologies like HTML5, which ensures its smooth running on your devices.

Can I use OneTouch software on a Mac device?

Yes, OneTouch software is compatible with Mac, IOS, and Android devices, to mention a few.

What payment methods can I use on OneTouch?

There are various payment options which include online wallets, MasterCard, and Visa cards, among others.