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Suppose you're weary of the same old online video slots where the programmers try to impress you with how beautiful their motion graphics are while ignoring everything else, then you don't have a problem; visit the Igrosoft casino websites. Irrespective of your preferences, interests, or experience, these will undoubtedly offer something fresh to all players. 

Even though Igrosoft is a Russian software company, its online games are in high demand at many online casinos around the globe(especially the big names), which lends credence to it being a reliable software provider. 

Igrosoft slots terms and conditions are in simple language so that they are not confusing to understand. Their slot games give players a genuine casino experience, similar to what you'd get at a real-life casino. Most of their games feature classic and fruit themes, and a retro-styled interface provides a memorable ambience. This piece will teach you what makes Igrosoft special, including its history, gaming selection, bonuses, etc.

History Of Igrosoft

Igrosoft was founded in 1999 with its headquarters. Igrosoft is a privately owned gaming company with the sole purpose of designing and developing casino games. Although most information about their financial activities is not available in the public domain, it has created over a hundred job roles. 

While Igrosoft primarily focuses on designing slots for land-based casinos, technological advancements have allowed it to develop some of Russia's best online casino slots. As a result, a few elements set them apart from the competition. These features have allowed this gaming company to continuously improve its slot machines, making them more exciting, realistic, and enjoyable to play.

Igrosoft is a well-known brand and one of the market leaders in Russia and neighbouring countries. They're also renowned for producing a line of board games used in land-based equipment.

As many online casinos are being created daily, there is an increased demand for gaming companies to develop innovative products and Igrosoft has continued to perform excellently in this regard. They ensure that their games comply with the latest industry standards and are well designed to keep players glued to their screens. All their games are available to online casinos in Russia and other parts of the world. 

Many things distinguish Igrosoft from the competition at any time, but this game designer is continually improving its collection of games and the quality offered. 

Igrosoft Features

Igrosoft has existed since the turn of the twentieth century to become a well-known and trusted name in the online and land-based casino gaming industry. Its key characteristics are its classic and simple slot game format and its market stability. This slot game developer focuses on traditional concepts, with most of its games including 5 reels and 9 paylines. You may use any common payment option to deposit money and play with real bonuses and prizes. Choose your favorite and start receiving authentic bonuses with a chance to withdraw real cash.

Pros and Cons of Igrosoft


This online gambling studio has the following advantages that set it apart from its rivals:

  • The themes are unique and colourful
  • RNG software that has been certified
  • Constant improvements and updates 


  • The number of games available is limited
  • Some games look a little archaic in appearance
  • Absence of table games or live casino games

Igrosoft Games

This Russian casino software company makes visually appealing and absolutely stunning video slots for several online casinos. There are many games to choose from, and its gaming platform has 16 titles that are sure to entertain punters while also providing a fair return on investment. Most of their slot machines have 5 reels and 9 pay lines, making them reasonably simple to play. Some of the notable casino products from this company include Crazy Monkey 2, Fruit Cocktail 2, Pirates, Lucky Haunter 2, The Heat, Golden Antelope (G.A is a newly released game in 2021 with a unique interface). Each of them features a unique concept and excellent graphics. New game titles are frequently added to the collection of games for the provider to stay up to date with the ever-changing and competitive nature of the casino business.

In terms of creating innovative features, Igrosoft games stand out due to the hard work that has been put in place by their developer company. The games are plain, intuitive, and offer an optimal experience. However, a few of these games have an outdated design. One of the most impressive things about Igrosoft slots is that they are compatible with mobile and desktop devices. What's more, they're really simple to play and inspired by classic slot games that are extremely popular. As a result, punters will have much fun playing Igrosoft games.

Some of the best games in Igrosoft include:

Fruit Cocktail 2

Fruit Cocktail 2 is a classic slot game from this software, with 5 reels and 9 pay lines that casinos can customize to their taste. The game has fruit icons and symbols similar to traditional mechanical slots. They offer the player an immersive experience. Furthermore, Fruit Cocktail 2 has two fascinating bonus games. One that awards a 100x multiplier, which is triggered by landing three or more bonus symbols on the grid, and another that awards up to 50 free spins.

Golden Antelope

Golden Antelope takes you on a ride through the countryside, where these grazers rule. Symbols like antelopes, the revered Taj Mahal, buckets of water, and veggies combine to generate jackpot pairings depending on the player's luck. This game has a 93% RTP and gives every player a chance of winning something. When you get three or more antelope images on the board, the bonus game will start, and you will receive rare gold coins that will quadruple your wins. In local money, the highest reward is set to $495,900.

Crazy Monkey

Crazy Monkey is one of Igrosoft's best games. While stroking down lines that either get banana bunches or a scary-looking clamp, a cheeky young monkey performs hilarious tricks in a forest setting. A strange African mask serves as the wild symbol, while the other additional symbols are butterflies, snakes, and pineapple. A maximum bet of 225 credits is allowed on this game. However, it offers a massive payout of up to 5000 credits. When a player succeeds in pulling down all the ropes, he will see a prompt saying "Find a treasure" in the bonus play. If the prediction is accurate, the prize will multiply by that number of points.

Igrosoft Bonuses

Each Igrosoft slot has lucrative bonuses and super bonuses, and prizes. They also offer the option to play a risky game and go away with a large payout.

Winning the lottery

The jackpot for most of Igrosoft's slot games is set at $5000 US. Progressive jackpots are not available. Bonus awards on these games might be as high as 1,000,000 credits.

Igrosoft Certificate

Igrosoft's entire game portfolio has been tested and verified by iTechLabs, an independent software testing lab. The tests confirmed that all the games' random number generators gave fair results every time.

Igrosoft has over 18 years of experience in the industry. They have also managed to remain one of the most recognized enterprises in the online casino market in Russia throughout the period. As a result, punters don't need to bother about Igrosoft's games' security or fairness; They can play freely and stand a good chance of winning something for themselves. 


And that's all on Igrosoft casino software provider reviews. When compared with other top online casino software providers, it's pretty clear that Igrosoft is a dependable slot software vendor. One thing that distinguishes Igrosoft from the competition is the elegance of its slots' design and its consistency in the industry. Igrosoft is known for sticking to tradition, with nearly all of its slots having 5 reels and 9 pay lines.


Who is Igrosoft Casino Software Provider?

Igrosoft is a privately owned casino gaming company established in 1999. Igrosoft is located, and services top online casinos around the globe.

Does Igrosoft Support Mobile Gaming?

Igrosoft's games are also made with Flash technologies, which can be a problem when playing on mobile devices. That isn't to say that you can't enjoy their games on your mobile phone. As long as your mobile phone and browser support Flash, you can play their complete collection.

Is this a legitimate business?

Igrosoft is a legitimate company, albeit their games aren't generally available in online casinos outside Russia and Eastern Europe. They have also undergone rigorous compliance tests for fairness and security and some individuals believe they aren't legitimate due to this, but rest assured, their games are fair.