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Endorphina, one of the leading slots providers for online casino, was founded in 2012 and so has been around for ten years. The company has its base in Prague, Czech Republic, which is also where it was originally founded. 

Clearly, Endorphina has always had its sights set on channeling all its resources into producing gripping and irresistible slot titles. I say that because, in ten years, it does not seem as if the game provider has seen a need to start up other types of casino games like table games, pokers, and live dealerships. And we honestly cannot fault them when their games have shown us how specialization is a key to mastery, and the players have shown them that they love the company for what they do.

Endorphina, thanks to its dedication to producing titles that always stand out, now has several licenses and awards under its belt. It has also partnered with various companies, including Tecnalis, Gamingtec, and iGaming Platform. It was also one of the first few game providers to allow cryptocurrency as a form of payment. In case I did not mention that Endorphina keeps up with the time at Godspeed, now I have.

The company bases its games on Flash and HTML software, which is about the highest level of technology for a game provider. This helps them ensure that their games can be played on almost all devices across several countries. This also affords their players a level of comfort and speed in the case of internet traffic. Another thing that using top-notch technology in designing their games has allowed them is stunning graphics and immersive animation. Honestly, what more can a player ask for?

The State of Things Now at Endorphina

After ten years of actively releasing new titles to update their portfolio, where is Endorphina now? Endorphina has received awards for a lot of its games, and it was once awarded the Best Game Developer in 2021 in the UGW Awards and Developer of the year in 2022 in the Spice India Awards. 

Also, the game provider is now licensed by one of the most respected regulators of all time, the Malta Gaming Association. It also got a license from ONJN, and all its games have been tested by GLI. These licenses, awards, and certificates are attestations to the fact that Endorphina has done well and is still doing well in the gaming industry.

Today, Endorphina is known for its unique ideas, attention to players' needs, and impeccable detailing. The players' love for Endorphina's outstanding games is what keeps them here.

The Various Types of Games that Endorphina Offers

Saying <> emphasis on various may have been overstating things. Endorphina does not offer too many types unless we are considering the diversity in their mobile slots, which is the only type of game they provide.

However, this has enabled them to focus all their resources - time, creativity, energy, and imagination- entirely on making slots that have come to stay in the market.

Endorphina Mobile Slots

Counting from 2012, when Endorphina was founded till now, ten years later, we can see over a hundred mobile slots in their portfolio. These slots are so thrilling, intriguing, and adrenalin-inducing that they have gotten the company over five awards in just ten years. In addition, these slots vary widely thematically. They are based on different cultures, mythologies, and practices. This way, different people can find different games that are better suited to them.

Some of these award-winning slots include Mystery Of Eldorado, The Ninja, and Satoshi's Secret. Mystery Of Eldorado won Best Online Slot 2019 in the Login Casino Awards, while The Ninja and Satoshi's Secret won the Readers' Choice Slot 2015 in the Slots Guide Award. Some of their other popular slots are Taboo, Jetsetter, Fairy Tale, In Jazz, Minotaurus, Mongol Treasures, Hell Hot 100, Magnus Opus, Twerk, Safari, Ultrafresh, and Chunjie.

Unique Features of Endorphina Games

  • Unique Mobile Slots

Maybe you are wondering why I can not stop talking about Endorphina's uniqueness in the gaming industry. It is because the truth should always be reiterated. This game provider serves everything as it should, from the design to the graphics, to the themes, to the storyline. Everything says that a lot of thought and time has gone into it. 

The colors are enticing, the sounds urging, and the themes relatable. There are themes based on Greek Mythology and Ancient Asia. They even once had a slot based on the Maori culture. The diversity is stunning, and the players love to see it.

  • Top-notch Technology

As I may have already mentioned before, Endorphina builds its titles on the most advanced architecture. Flash and HTML5 are about as good as it gets here in the iGaming community. This enables players to have access to Endorphina slots on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This means you can play almost any slot while on the go or in transit. This software also makes sure that Endorphina's animations are eye-catching and that their graphics all but hypnotize you. In addition, this advanced software affords the players a level of comfort in the sense that crashes, bugs, and slow connections are greatly reduced.

  • Credibility and Reliability

Endorphina has consistently shown that it exercises fairness in all its dealings. You can rest assured that you are always being dealt cards at random and that your winnings are exactly what they should be. If you still have any form of doubt, take a look at the number of awards that the company has managed to take for itself in ten years. You can also take a bit of detour and check out its licenses from some of the biggest regulators in the iGaming community.

Endorphina's commitment to fair play and industry recognition is echoed in its numerous awards and licenses. In the competitive landscape of online casino gaming, notable competitors like Thunderkick casino software also vie for players' attention with their innovative offerings. However, Endorphina distinguishes itself not only through its commitment to fairness but also by consistently delivering top-quality games that captivate players worldwide.

  • Special Game Features

The special features that most of Endorphina's games offer are some of the things that players and potential players are often curious about. One of the first things that players demand answers to in this regard is the RTP. Most Endorphina slots RTP are not all that impressive, ranging from 90% to 96%, which is, sadly, the highest, at least for now. They also have a Buy Bonus Feature in most of their slots which offers different types of bonuses in different games. One more important feature is their maximum multiplier which is mostly not that high but can sometimes go over ten thousand in some of their slots.

Some of the Most Popular Games Created by Endorphina

  • Satoshi's Secret

Going through this list without mentioning Satoshi's Secret first will be akin to committing a crime. Not only because it is still quite popular among players but also because it was the first slot that was cryptocurrency-themed. This is a game based on hacking and cryptocurrency, generally. It may look like your regular 3-by-five slot, but it holds so much more than you can ever imagine. It also has several bonus games that pump your adrenaline with the predictions you have to make and the speed you have to play.

  • Safari

This is another mobile slot that Endorphina takes mighty pride in. This game is based on African Wildlife, hence, the name Safari. It is a board with five reels, four rows, and fifty pay lines which means higher chances of winning! It has free spins round, amazing, colorful graphics, and befitting sounds that keep you playing.

  • Minotaurus

This slot of Endorphina has five reels and ten paylines. <> you must be thinking, but even though it may translate to fewer wins, it also means bigger wins. This Endorphina game is based on both Greek and Roman Mythology. 

The most gripping part of the game happens when the Minotaurus Wild comes into play. If this symbol appears on the second, third, and fourth reels, it does not activate ten spins or twenty. It activates an infinite number of spins, and it is the definition of spin till you win. For each spin that does not end in a win, your multiplier increases, and by the time you win, your winnings are multiplied by the total multiplier you have generated. How do you resist this kind of game? The answer is you don't. 


Does Endorphina develop live games?

No, Endorphina does not develop live games or even table games. The game provider is solely focused on creating quality slots that will keep the players coming back. Some of the slots to check out are Satoshi's Secret, Minotaurus, Fairy Tale, and Jetsetters.

Are Endorphina games safe to play?

Yes, Endorphina's games are very safe to play. Their games are tested by GLI, and they are certified by MGA in Malta and ONJN in Romania. To be licensed by these regulators, they had to have gone through rigorous tests of credibility and integrity.

What is the best Endorphina game?

Judging by the players' responses and the awards, it is easy to say that some of Endorphina's best games are Satoshi's Secret, The Ninja, Jetsetters, and Safari. However, these are all subjective, as this decision should be based on personal preferences.

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