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Despite the saturation of online slot gaming, Elk studio is determined to stand out by providing the best gaming quality. They have been able to do that by limiting the number of games produced and increasing their quality. 

Gaming universes have been built for the express aim of player delight by dedicating sufficient time to the development of each game. First-time visitors will have no trouble navigating and using the site, thanks to its user-friendly layout and clear navigation.

Elk Studio Slots is a great place to start if you're a big fan of online games. It's worth a shot and can be rewarding for dedicated gamers. Elk Studio's website is uncluttered, making it simple to use and understand. You don't even need to download an app; simply click on the game you want to play and continue your stress-free voyage through gameland.

History of Elk Studio Slots

Since its inception in 2012, it has captured the attention of a significant number of online casinos around the world. Elk Studios is a new-generation software provider based in Sweden. It has a specialty in the provision of premium mobile video slots with lots of unique tiles in its portfolio. Priority has always been given to mobile players and it has since then continually optimized the gaming experience to suit mobile players. 

The successful growth of Elk studio can be attributed to the awards and nominations gotten during the early stages of the business. This helped to push them to the international market, coupled with Elk’s perseverance and commitment towards providing quality more than quantity. Online gambling is rapidly growing and lots of players choose to play at their convenience which is majorly guaranteed using a mobile device. This places Elk studio at a great advantage since its emphasis is on mobile gaming

As a promising company that is at the center of the world’s attention a lot of gambling sites have integrated its developer into their sites. This has contributed a lot to the publicity of Elk studio slot games. Players can easily access and play Elk studio games in premiere gambling sites that are renowned.

Elk studio is also renowned for offering promotional services which are unlike the traditional offerings from existing names in the Industry. Since the introduction of promotional offerings, it has become a favorite for most clients. The newest innovation of ELK Studios is X-iter™, a system of different unique modes integrated into specific games that enable players to enter different bonus games without restrictions.

Bonus games could be free spins with a chance at multiplication, assured base games, and many more. All modes in X-iter™ are game-specific and could include four to five slots each.

Games on Elk Studio Slots

Elk studio games include;

  • Crusader
  • Cygnus
  • Hidden
  • Hit It Big
  • Bompers
  • Hit It Hard
  • Ho Tower
  • Birthday
  • Black River Gold
  • Blood Lust
  • Kaiju
  • Fate of fortune
  • Bloopers
  • Champion’s Goal
  • Chi
  • Hong Kong Tower
  • Ice Wolf
  • Diablo Reels
  • DJ Wild
  • Dreamzone
  • Dream diver
  • Ecuador Gold
  • Electric Sam
  • The Lab
  • The Wiz
  • Grand Galore
  • IO
  • Lake’s Five
  • Lake’s Five Easter
  • Tahiti Gold
  • Valkyrie
  • Taco Brothers Saving Christmas
  • Wild Seas
  • Wild Toro
  • Win-Win
  • Vegas Diamonds
  • VooDoo Gold
  • Micro Knights
  • Platooners
  • Poltava Flames of War
  • Respin Circus

Main Features

  • Different concept ideas and genres are embedded in the creation of Elk studio slots which makes them unique and different from other online slots. This has helped them create lots of games with an incredible model and awe-inspiring themes. 
  • Elk studio games are for devices of all screen sizes, from the smallest to the biggest. They are always on the lookout to ensure the graphics are clear and vivid even on the smallest of screens, all thanks to the hard work of the developers and artists in Elk studios.
  • Elk studio slots are compatible with different operating systems including iOS, Windows, and Android. Players then have an option of downloading the games or playing them on their preferred browser.
  • Elk Studios has 39 slots and are constantly making improvements as well as expanding the list.

Most Popular Games

Some Elk studio games become popular due to varying reasons one of which is the bonus features attached to some of the games. Below are a few of the games that made it to the top of the list based on popularity.

  • Bompers 

Being a prominent addition to Elk studio games, this game helped the studio win the Game Innovation of the year 5-star starlet award in 2021. The “Return to Player” (RTP) of this game is 95.8% which is one of the highest of the entire Elk studio games. It is thus liked by most players and this has led to the rise of the game in popularity.

This game offers players a huge amount of pay lines which might be over 250,000 but is susceptible to changes at any time due to the high volatility of (8 of 10). This makes the slot complicated but interesting.

  • Chi

This game is popular among players interested in a touch of beauty and mystery. In this game, players are taken to a city of lost treasures where they get to climb the ladder of fortune alongside the company of two characters. Players in this game stand a chance of winning 20 free spins in addition to a bonus round called Fortune Reels as well as a multiplier of ×10,000. 

This game made it to the top of the popularity list as a result of its provision for traditional betting patterns that tend to increase the chances of winning for players. The “Return to Player” is 96% with a volatility of (7 of 10). This game offers players a fixed number of players totaling 54.

  • Kaiju

This is one of the oldest Elk studio games, it is particularly popular among fans of the movie Godzilla. Godzilla is the first worldwide known Kaiju and this game features an Android as the main character battling against the monster(s). Players get to join the fight and stand as the last hope for mankind, it offers an RTP of 96.3% with a volatility of (7 of 10).

It made it to the top of the popularity list by offering players a chance to test new awe-inspiring patterns created by Elk that automatically changes the bets. There is a special option of free spins as well as a bonus round.

  • Hit it hard

This can be considered the best Elk studio slot listing. This game has a simple design of 5 reels and 3 rows. The music, sound effects, and colors contribute to making players believe they are playing slot machines of the 90s. This game offers 5 pay lines with a high RTP of 96.3% with the biggest prize being £250,000 on a £100 bet.

In the normal round, players can win x5 respins but in the bonus round they get an x10 multiplier. There are three bonus games in the bonus round called Quantum leap, spins, and Power Run.


With hundreds of gaming concepts still in the incubative stage at Elk studios, there is no saying what types of games we would see from the studio in the nearest future. Unlike most others in the industry, Elk focuses more of its resources on the production of individual games having very high quality and standing out from any other game.

Their dedication to the production of more improved games can be inferred from their continuous investment in technology, especially game development-related tech. With a love for talents in game development, they are helping hundreds of game developers gain employment in their game development labs, reducing the number of unemployed people out there. 

The mobile market has seen a beginning of progress since the inception of Elk studios, with an increasingly high rate of expansion. Players are not in any way restricted to only a few games, there is a wide array of games players can choose from, just as listed in this article.

Some Elk studio slots pay as high as 1,000 coins for a single bet, this number can be increased by placing several bets on several slots. Return to Player (RTP) percentage is also quite impressive, with the highest starting at 96%, they can go all the way to 96.5%. As a player, you definitely would not want to miss out on the offerings from Elk studio slots.


Where to play ELK slots?

All reputable gaming clubs or casinos offer Elk studio slots but it will be in your interest to choose a reliable online casino with an operating allowance. Check out the reviews for the casino and also check out the Elk recommended casinos to be on the safer side. Here are a few things you should consider before choosing an online casino; The mobile version availability. Collection of games, of which Elk must be included. Easy to use and user-friendly interface.

Which ELK studio slot is recommended

All ELK studio slots are recommended to play online. The bonuses and promotional offerings differ from one slot to another but that is where this article comes in. I have given a list of the most popular slots with high RTP, choose one that appeals to you and have fun.

Are there ELK slots with historical origin

Yes. As mentioned in earlier sections, ELK studio slots offer a vast array of genres, awe-inspiring themes, and time eras for gaming concepts. Some of the slots with a historic theme include Wild Seas and Black River Gold.

Which of the ELK Studio slots offers the best RTP

Elk slots are generally designed to enable players to have a shot at winning the highest prizes available. Black River Gold offers over £490,000 as the maximum prize a player can win for a bet of £100. Other games' prizes range from £178,000 to over £1,000,000 for the same £100 bet.

How high is the RTP in ELK slots?

ELK slots RTP can go as high as 96.30%.