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Champion Studio is a fantastic slot games provider with a diverse selection of games. The Champion Studio slots illustrate what they can provide players even though there isn’t much information available on their website.

This provider seeks to offer players a superb play experience throughout all of its slot machines, as these games span a wide array of themes and includes exciting bonuses. These slots have a lot to offer players, including stunning symbols and fantastic prizes.

Champion Studio has created a gaming universe with unique sets of characters for the sole goal of player enjoyment by dedicating enough time to developing each game. The website is simple to navigate and utilize because it was created with a first-time user in mind.

General characteristics of Champion Studio


c. 2021





Game Categories

Slots, table games

Play for money


Demo play


In-browser play


Mobile gaming


TOP-5 slot machines

Mariner, Nautilus, Dolphin’s Shell, Ultra 7 Hot, Lady Luck Charm Of Fortune

Champion Studio slot is a sensational place to start if you are new to online gaming. It’s worth a chance, and dedicated gamers may find it worthwhile. The website of Champion Studio is clean, making it easy to navigate and understand. You don’t even need to install any app; select the game you want to play and enjoy your stress-free experience playing their several titles.

History of Champion Studio Slots

The origin of Champion Studios is undisclosed at the moment. From their web page’s minimal and simple design, there is little to no information on where it originated from. A random guess of when Champion studio was created would be 2021 since their earliest games are dated to 2021, which indicates when their service launched.

Champion Studio games are currently rising in popularity with a presence already established in over 20 countries and an ever-growing game catalog having over 30+ games. Champion Studio games can be played in countries such as Canada, Ukraine, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, etc.

Popular Games by Champion Studio






This game has a 5x3 with 20 pay lines. This game features additional free spins, Scatter symbols, Wilds, etc.

Box of RA


This Egyptian-themed game has a 5x3 layout with 20 pay lines. It has features like expanding symbols, free spins, Scatters, risk games, etc. 

Magic book of Sphinx


This is another 5x3 slot with 20 win ways. It features Wilds, expanding symbols, free spins, risk game, etc.

Fire rage


This is a fruit-themed slot with a 5x3 layout and 17 bet ways. It has a maximum bet of 1700 $

Computer world


This slot has 5 reels and 3 rows and features a neon-colored interface with various symbols. It has free spins, Scatter symbols, Wilds, and expanding symbols

Roll of Ramses


An Egyptian-themed slot with a 5x3 layout and 20 pay lines. It features free spins and Wild and Scatter symbols

Rise Pf Imperium


A warrior/kingdom theme slot with a 5x3 layout and 20 bet ways. It features free spins, Wild and Scatters, etc. 

Gates Pf Avalon


This is a mythology-themed slot with a 5x3 layout and 20 pay lines. It features symbols like the crown, chest, castle, etc.

Simple Diamond


This fruit slot has a 3x3 layout with 17 pay lines. It features Scatter symbols, Wild, free spins, etc.

Fortune Star


Another 5x3 layout slot with 20 pay lines. It features free spins, Scatters, and Wild symbols.

Games on Champion Studio – Preview their Game Catalog

Champion studio games are divided into three categories: Ball Games, Table Games, and Slots.

Ball Games: Under this category, we have the following games;

  • Always Cherry
  • Hot Slot
  • Scatter Win Balls
  • Gate Of Avalon Balls
  • Beauty Dolphins and so on.

Table Games: Games under this category include ;

  • European Roulette, 
  • Russian Poker 
  • Blackjack
  • 7 Play Poker Multihand

Slots: The slot games by this provider include;

  • Fruit Party Deluxe
  • Mariner
  • Nautilus
  • Hot Sevens
  • Computer World and so on.

Main Features of Champion Studios – Something interesting for Guests

  • Different concept ideas and genres are embedded in the creation of Champion studio slots which makes them unique and different from others. This has helped them create many games with incredible models and awe-inspiring themes. 
  • Champion Studios offers competitive bonuses and jackpots similar to other game providers.
  • Champion Studio games are for devices of all screen sizes, from the smallest to the biggest. They are always on the lookout to ensure the graphics are clear and vivid, even on the smallest of screens, with immersive sound quality, which improves the whole atmosphere when playing their games.
  • Champion studio slots are compatible with different operating systems, including MACOS/iOS, Linux, Windows, and Android. Players can then download the games or play them on their preferred browser.
  • Champion Studios offers its partners more than 30+ games with an ever-expanding catalog.
  • Champion Studios offers seamless integration of their payment gateway.
  • Champion Studios offer an insurance program for guest and a functional back office for them to lay complaints.

Most Popular Games - Play and Win

Some Champion Studio games are popular due to the bonus features attached and the opportunity for players to win great prizes. Below are a few of the games that made it to the top of the list based on popularity.

  • Computer World

Computer World is a 5-reel slot machine with 20-paylines. This is a computer-themed slot with Neon symbols. The game begins when the guests pick their payline (between 1 and 20) and place their bet. Computer World also features scatter and Wild symbols. Scatter wins occur when there three or more symbols appear on the reels. These Scatter wins are added to the line wins; the winnings are dependent on the number of paylines selected on the bet or the denomination of the credit. Computer World offers free spins and bonus multipliers on winnings by providing different games to achieve these bonuses within the game. The Scatter and Wild symbols here are Laptops.

  • Mariner

Like Computer World, Mariner is also a 5-reel slot machine with 20-paylines. This adventure game theme features Uncharted lands and breathtaking journeys with players on a quest to claim unclaimed wealth. It offers similar gameplay and rule-guiding winning combinations. However, its bonuses are different from that of the Computer World. Here, you will get 10 bonus spins when three scattered symbols (SHIP) appear on the 1st, 3rd, or 5th reels. The Wild symbol here is “Columbus.”

  • Crazy Barman

Crazy Barman is a uniquely themed slot where the guests are treated to a night bar experience filled with alcohol and beautiful mermaids. Crazy Barman has a 5-reel layout, with features ranging from free spins, 3x Multiplier, Scatter, and Wild Symbols. It also presents an opportunity for players to double their winnings via bonus games, in which the player guesses the color of the card drawn(Black or Red). If successful, you get a 2X multiplier on your winnings. Here, the “BAR” is the scatter symbol, and the “BEER GLASS” is the Wild symbol.

  • Ultra 7 Hot

Ultra 7 Hot slots are based on the classic fruit machine slot. It is a 3-reel slot layout with 17 active paylines with no special features. To increase winnings, the guest would have to try out the Double game feature, where the guest would have to predict the drawn card’s color. If the memories of the classic slot machines of the old era are still fresh, then this slot is the one for you.

  • Joker’s Fruit Golden Edition

This slot is based on the classic slot machines. It is a 5-reel slot with 20-paylines and combines traditional rules with thoughtful features with a design that appeals to the guests. This slot features beautiful icons, spectacular animations, and a user-friendly interface. Here, the Joker is the scatter symbol, and 7 is the wild symbol. This slot machine offers ten free spins when the scatter symbols appear on the 1, 3, and 5 reels. It also features the double game bonus level and several other in-game multipliers.

Conclusion – Champion Studios in Summary

Champion Studios is pretty new and thriving, although the date of its creation is unknown. The earliest game from this provider was published in 2021, which gives a clue to when it was created. As soon as you look through the website, you will see that the games are of excellent quality. 

This provider makes slots that are available in multiple languages, including; English, Russian, and Spanish. Their games are well-designed and have excellent interactivity. They contain well-thought-out bonus features and should be a welcome addition to the library of any of the leading casinos. 

Their dedication to producing improved games can be inferred from their continuous investment in technology, especially game development-related tech. With love for talents in game development, they are helping hundreds of game developers gain employment. Champion Studios is one to look out for with their constantly growing game catalog.

Pros of Champion Studio

  • Bright game graphics and excellent features.
  • Playable on any mobile browser.
  • Exciting game sounds and animation.

Cons of Champion Studio

  • Few numbers table games.


Where to play Champion slots?

Champion slots are available in over 20 countries, but it will be your interest to choose a reliable online casino with an operating allowance. Check out the reviews for the casino, and the Champion recommended casinos to be on the safer side. Here are a few things you should consider before choosing an online casino; The mobile version availability. Collection of games of which Champion must be included. Easy to use and user-friendly interface.

How many games selections are in Champion Studio’s Portfolio

Champion Studio has over 30 casino games in its portfolio, and they are in three categories: Slots, Balls Games and Table Games.

Which Champion Studio games are recommended?

All Champion studio games are recommended to play online. The bonuses and promotional offerings differ from one slot to another. Their RTP values, however, are currently undisclosed on their webpage.

Which of the Champion Studio slots offers the best RTP?

Champion Studios RTP for their games is currently unavailable on their webpage, with their minimum stake being £1 and the maximum being £2000.