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If you're a fan of games that are provided by providers that have a proven track record, then Belatra's games are right for you. Belatra has been in the online gaming slot software market for more than 20 years, specifically founded in 1993. It is based in Belarus, Minsk, from where it manages a team of experienced programmers  Belatra is a provider of both slot games, roulette games, and dice.

 Belatra is a dynamic company that improves the quality of its services every day. Belatra's slot games are distributed worldwide and are used by online casinos in America, Asia, Australia, and Europe, where they are very popular. Their motto is  Made to be different, which they live up to perfectly. 

The competition in the slots market is fierce, and as Belatra is aware of this, they have prepared exciting features for their players so that their games are chosen again and again by players and keep their favor. Bonuses such as free spins, wild scatters, bonus rounds, and multipliers are commonplace at Belatra. So let's take a look at what games Belatra offers, what their main advantages are, and introduce the most popular games on the market.







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TOP-5 slot machines

Highway Star, 5 Wild Wild Peppers, Lucky Roulette, 20 Superstars, Beauty And The Beast

Different players different preferences

As with other online game providers, there are differences between Belatra's games. Each player has different priorities and wants something different from the game. Some players prefer games that pay out smaller amounts and more often, some want high-quality video and audio, while others keep an eye on the range of bonuses they are targeting. Belatra offers something interesting for all players If you're new to the world of online casinos, and want to understand what you should look out for based on your preferences, here's a guide:

Slot bonus features

  • RTP
  • Volatility
  • Paylines

Popular Games by Belatra

Popular games


Game description

Highway Star


This beautiful slot includes motorcycles and rock and roll music that is sure to keep you entertained. It is 5x3 slot with a 25-payline and features a unique fire whiskey free spins bonus round where you can win up to 100 free spins

20 Superstars


This is a 4-row, 5-reel slot game with 1,024 chances to win. It contains win multipliers and symbols like fruits, lucky 7s, and bars. Its progressive jackpot has four tiers; each offering wins of at least 5,000 credits

5 Wild Wild Peppers

Fruit Slot

This classical fruit slot with spectacular graphics is a symbol of American tradition. This 5-row, 5-reel slot features symbols such as bar and seven. Its ‘wheel of fortune’ jackpot helps you to accrue points on which you can win multipliers. This offers players the chance of winning up to 3000x of their wagers

88 Dragons Treasure Slot


This slot game has 5-reels designed with 3D-like symbols and a golden dragon. Its symbol features include letters, scrolls, teapots, fans, and lotus flowers. Its Scatter is an animated dragon head; it can trigger a bonus round with additional spins when it lands

Lucky Bank Robbers 


This is a 25-payline slot. It is a 5-reels and 3-row game that has 6 bonus symbols you can use to win one of the four distinct jackpots. It has a maximum of 500,000 credits and a Scatter symbol that can help you to trigger up to 101 free spins 

Mayan Book Choice

Online Slot

This game has a user-friendly interface and clear rules that give players the best gaming experience. Its features include a super symbol, 10 bonus games and 150 free games. Its craft bonus allows players to buy bonus games

500 Juicy Fruit

Fruit Slot

This 5-reel slot has a 500-payline. It is a one-armed bandit game that features risk games, Scatter symbols, a wheel of fortune and jackpot

Lucky Roulette

Table game

This game is a classic European roulette. It is translated into 11 languages; this allows players to play from any part of the world. Its jackpot, ‘wheel of fortune,’ helps players accumulate points in their piggy vest

Ancient Temple Gems

Online Slot

This is a 5-row and 5-reel slot. It features free games and a win multiplier. Its free games have an additional reel that consists of three symbols which are; dummy symbol, multiplier symbol and a symbol for additional free games

Shogun’s Fortune


This is a highly styled Samurai-themed slot. It includes Wilds and Scatter symbols with no less than 7 free games and re-spins

Slots bonus features

Slot machines are increasingly being equipped with features that trigger mini-games, bonus rounds, or simply increase users' chances of winning. Belatra offers a huge variety of bonuses, here is an overview.

  • Free spins- To start with, free spins are the most basic. They allow you to play without risking your money, although users should be aware that the wins you get with them are quite difficult to collect.
  • Wild symbols - Wild symbols are also of interest when playing, as they turn into the symbol needed to complete a winning line when they appear on the reels.
  • Scatter symbols appear on the rolls of the slot at any time and award an instant win if their number exceeds two. They do not have to line up in paylines or appear in any particular order.
  • Multipliers Not forgetting multipliers, which can multiply wins originally assigned to a particular combination - this is a very valuable feature, so it pays to keep your fingers crossed for them to appear!
  • Bonus rounds or minigames Most modern slots offer the option of bonus rounds or minigames as part of the game. Bonus rounds are triggered by certain symbols and bring additional rewards. Certain combinations also trigger minigames, which open up new separate game screens.


The RTP percentage of a slot machine is one of the most important characteristics to consider before betting. RTP stands for "Return to Player" and indicates how profitable a slot machine is.

When you are looking for information about a slot machine, the RTP percentage is one of the first pieces of information you will find. As you probably already know RTP is a measure of the return on the play. Do you happen to know what exactly this number means? 

A simple example is all it takes to understand the meaning of RTP.

Imagine that you have bet 100 coins in one gaming session. If the RTP of the machine is 95%, according to statistics, it is most likely that there are 95 coins left after the game is over.

We have given an example with small numbers (only 100 coins played), but the RTP is calculated from much larger numbers, taking into account the games of all players playing the same slot machine in a given period.

  1. Volatility

If we were to explain volatility as simply as possible, we would say that it determines both the frequency and the size of wins. The point is that everyone likes to play differently. Some people like to win a lot and don't mind that the wins tend to be smaller (low volatility). Others, on the other hand, like to win huge sums and don't care that they come after a "long dry spell" (high volatility). Belatra has both types of games on offer, so you can choose which one you prefer.

  1. Paylines

Belatra offers a variety of games with different paylines. You will find three paylines on classic slots. When playing, you can bet on the outermost, middle, or all of them at once.  Modern slot machines are considerably more complicated. These are machines with five reels and three to five game lines. Functionally, they differ from classic slot machines by a larger number of paylines, usually 5,10,20, or more. Multiple-Line slots allow you to play on multiple paylines, where you can find up to a hundred of them on a slot machine. Players can then bet on any number of these lines, which are indicated by a distinctive color or flashing symbol, such as WIN. In case you have a large enough bankroll and can afford the maximum bets, your chances of winning will also increase. Splitting your bets into multiple paylines increases the frequency of wins, but reduces the average amount you can get back.  In case you bet on 3 lines for $1 each. If you get a double on one of them, the other two won't, and you will be left with a $1 minus after this game.

What are the best games from Belatra?

  1. Africa Gold - This is set against the backdrop of beautiful Africa, exotic animal explorers, and a landscape with green trees and blue skies. You will be amazed by the number of features that include wild symbols, scatter symbols free spin rounds, and multiplayer. There are 10 paylines on 5 reels and 3 rows. The RTP is not the highest and reaches a maximum of 91.97% but everything is compensated thanks to a wide number of bonuses, great graphics, and sound. The maximum win amount is 900 times the amount wagered, which is great.
  2. Irish thunders- This novelty in the world of online slot games are truly unique. It takes you into the mysterious world of Irish legends. Leprechauns, the pot of gold, magical elves, and fantastic creatures offers free spins, bonus games, special symbols, wild symbols, and multipliers up to 50! Irish Thunder is an Irish-style slot with five reels and 10 pay lines. Re-spins of the 5th reel are also a special feature, which is triggered when 4 symbols are combined. What's more! The undeniable advantage is RPT 96.14% and high volatility.
  3. Legacy of doom- Another game with a great RPT of up to 96.5%. The game has a huge volatility and the maximum win is a whopping 5000x. Legacy of Doom slot is on five reels and 10 lines, the symbolism of the slot is fully consistent with the chosen theme. The game has features Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, and free spins. Unfortunately, there is no bonus game or multiplayer available, but the high jackpots make up for it. Immerse yourself in the world of ancient Egypt, the pyramids, and the Sphinx, and enjoy unforgettable moments full of excitement.

Games by Belatra with high RTP



Lucky Roulette 


Sic Bo


The Wildlife


Beauty and the Beast


European Roulette




500 Juicy Fruits


Shogun’s Fortune


20 Superstars


Highway Stars



  • Software regulated by a reputable testing organization.
  • Makes games for both offline and internet casinos.
  • Broad portfolio.
  • Games optimized for mobile.


  • No games with live dealers.


Which devices are supported by Belatra games?

The big advantage of Belatra games is that there is no software to download and you can play directly in the web interface. You can play the games on your computer, laptop, or mobile device. All you need to play the game is a good internet connection and then nothing will stop you.

Can I play Belatra games in the demo version?

Of course, if you play any of the Belatra games you have the option to try them out in the free demo version. This will help you try out all the features, and the functioning of the game, and get familiar with the environment

Why choose one of the games from Belatra?

Belatra has been in the online gaming slot software market for more than 20 years, specifically founded in 1993. Is a proven provider with a huge tradition and a reliable programming team. Not to mention the incredible bonuses and winnings.