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Given the high quality of the games, you might be surprised that the company was only founded in 2019. From its headquarters in Taiwan, the company has gained fans from all over the world, namely players and online casinos from America, Asia, and Europe. What's so special about AllWay Spin? Why is it so popular?

It is unique and one of a kind. It always tries to bring something unusual for players in terms of themes of its games, themes, and special bonuses. Each time, it transports you to a different world of exciting experiences. Immerse yourself in the world of ancient Egypt, Asian anime, fantasy, classic fruit, and joker games with AllWaySpins.

This game provider focuses on all of the player's senses to give them the most intense experience possible. Behind their team are experienced and dedicated programmers who know have a precise vision aiming to be innovative, modern, fun, and at the same time, reliable. Try the AllWay Spin games at our slots city online casino and you'll be delighted!

What do AllWay slots bring? Discover a high level of features!

What to focus on above all?

  • Slots RTPS
  • Volatility
  • Payrolls

General Characteristics Of AllWaySpin







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TOP-5 slot machines

Beat The Boss, God Of Egyptian, Golden Fish, Samurai, Holy Tiger

What does it mean?

Slots RTP-Slot machine win rate, or RTP (Return To Player), is a percentage that represents the probability of your chance of winning. The closer to 100% your return rate is, the better your chances of success. This is a long-term figure and will be most accurate when the number of games played is close to infinity. The payout or return rate of a slot machine is set by the developer when the game is made. It is not that this figure is changed later. For different slot machines, the RTP ranges between 75%-100%. In the case of AllWayslots, this number is very high. For example, Happy Holi offers a 97.48% to Amazon Jungle with a 96.28% RTP. Lower RTP slots include Joker with a payout of 95.23%.

Volatility- It is a figure that determines whether a given game or slot machine pays out wins in smaller amounts more often (low volatility) or in larger amounts less often (high volatility). Neither the manufacturer nor the casino provides any indication of the volatility of the slot machine. As a player, you have to estimate it, for example, by the paytable in the individual games or by the so-called "Hit Rate", which is determined by the frequency of bonus games, free spins, etc. You can't say whether this or that is better. It's more about preference as to what you enjoy more. That's why AllWaySpins offers all options.

Payrolls- Paylines are combinations of symbols that allow players to win prizes. Slot machines are another element that has evolved with time. Classic slot machines used to have no more than three or five paylines, while newer versions can have almost a thousand. Nowadays, however, slot machines with several dozen paylines are the most common. And that's great because it gives you a lot of options. AllWaySpin slots range from single payline classics to video slots offering 9, 10, 27, 30, or 50 paylines.

Which games are among the most popular?

With AllWay Spin, it's really hard to determine which games are among the best. With high RPS, great graphics, and a wide selection of games, there's one for everyone. Still, some games are among the most popular with players, and these are:

  • Happy Holi- Among the most popular games, we must include this game. It has the highest RTP ever, which reaches 97.48%. The 5-reel game has 25 paylines, which can bring you considerable profits. In addition, it has features such as scatter symbols, wild symbols, bonus rounds and retrigger. Play this mystery game in the demo version or for real money and be immersed in a world where you always get something extra!

  1. Hot fruits- Among the favorite games of every provider, the fruit game can never be missing, which is an absolute classic among any game. This fruity game with great graphics is played over 5 reels, with a whopping 243 paylines. You should also be interested in the high RTP of around 97%. Volatility is medium which offers the promise of regular wins worth having, which will make the game much more fun.  Bonus free spins and multipliers are a big advantage because they can bring :
  • 3 scatters award 7 free (bonus) spins
  • 4 scatters award 10 free(bonus) spins
  • 5 scatters award 15 free (bonus) spins
  1. Book of tricks- In case you are a bigger fan of games with a story, we have this game for you.  It brings a story from Norse Mythology that will draw you into the storyline. It has 5 reels and 10 paylines. The RTP is around 94 percent with medium to high volatility. So if you're lucky, you can make a decent profit. This game is worth mentioning above all thanks to the unique system of bonus features. Triggered by 3 Books of Tricks symbols, you can choose from three options:
  • 12 free spins with one mystery symbol
  • 7 free spins with 2 mystery symbols
  • 5 free spins with 3 mystery symbols

Popular Games by AllWaySpin






Samurai is a futuristic cyberpunk slot from AllWaySpin with 5x4 reels and 1024 ways to win. With an RTP of 95.36%



Joker is a 3x3 slot where you can win the prize with just 2 Royal Symbols! The Free Spin bonus can be triggered unlimited times

Phoenix Rise


Phoenix Rise is a vibrant 5x4 slot from AllWaySpin with 1,024 paylines

Maid Cafe


Maid Cafe is a colorful slot with 6x6 reels and cluster mechanics. The Medium high variance game offers an RTP of 96.7%

Hyakki Yako


This is an Asian-themed slot about monsters in different guises. The layout is 5x4 and has 50 winning ways

Xmas Yeti


Xmas Yeti is a slot about the very Yeti Bigfoot who lives in the ever-cold and snowy mountains

Voodoo doll


This game immerses guests in a mysterious world of voodoo magic and needle dolls. In this game, the max win is about x5000

Roma Deluxe


In this game, guests act as gladiators who fight in the main arena of the world – the Colosseum

Outlaw Legend


The slot has a western Theme. The playing field is in a 5x4 slot with 50 pay lines

Holy Tiger


The slot has 50 paylines and bets from 0.50 € to 50 €. There are 3 Scatter symbols that activate free spins. Each Scatter symbol in free spins adds +1 spin

Free demo version? That's a given!

Of course, if you play any of the AllWay Spin games for real money before you play, you have the option to try them out in the free demo version. This will help you try out all the features, and the functioning of the game, and get familiar with the environment. This will prepare you perfectly for real money play and you will know that the game suits you. So go ahead!

Easy to use even on your mobile device

Another great aspect of these games is that they don't require any software to download to play them and the games can be played directly in your browser, even in our casino. Play them from the comfort of your home on your PC, laptop, or even on your mobile phone. AllWaySpin focuses on mobile compatibility and uses HTML5 technology to create great mobile slots offering hassle-free play across all devices.

Games by AllWaySpin with the Highest RTP



Xoc Dia 2


Football Allstar Go


Football Allstar PSO


Outlaw Legend


Starry Witch


Treasure Island


Phoenix Rise 


Egyptian gods




Ohya Fruit Slot


Pros of AllWaySpin

  • Playing the games by this game provider is convenient because of the exquisite user Interface.
  • You can play right in your internet web browser and no additional software downloads or apps are required.
  • This provider offers sensational slot games with unique themes, art, and sound.
  • Reliable customer support.

Cons of AllWaySpin

  • The game provider offers mainly slot games, you would have to search elsewhere for other game varieties.
  • There is no provision for visual reality games.


Although AllWay slot is a relative newcomer in the competition of gaming software providers, it is no coincidence that it has earned great popularity among players. The great innovative team behind this company understands the guests and does everything they can to make them happy. Try out any of the AllWay Slots games at our Slots city casino and you're sure to be satisfied.

Why choose one of the games from AllWaySpins?

Mainly due to the high RTP, which ranges up to 97% which is very rare. AllWay slots is also a proven provider that offers modern, exciting graphics and sound and a great portfolio of bonuses.

Which of the AllWaySpins games has the highest RTP?

Games from AllWay Spin have RTPsrangingfrom 94%-97%. The first place is held by the game Hollycane, which has RTP unbelievable 97,48%.

Which devices are supported by AllWay Spin games?

The big advantage of AllWay spins games is that there is no software to download and you can play directly in the web interface. You can play the games on your computer, laptop, or mobile device. All you need to play the game is a good internet connection and then nothing will stop you.

How can I try and test games from AllWaySpins?

Simply! All games are also available in a free demo version. So you don't have to worry about losing your real money because you can try out all the features, settings, and bets for real. This option allows you to choose the one that suits you best among hundreds of games.

What games do AllWaySlots offer?

AllWay slots offer a wide selection of games for its users. You can choose classic fruit or joker games as well as games with a storyline and plot. There is something for everyone.