Bonus Policy

These Bonus Policy become effective as of May 15, 2024. All previous Bonus Policy are superseded and replaced by these Bonus Policy.

The terminology used in these Bonus Policy is the same as that used in the Terms and Conditions.

In case of any contradictions between this Bonus Policy and the applicable details of a particular bonus, this Policy shall apply to the extent not inconsistent with the applicable bonus details.


1. Balances

2. Cash balance

3. Bonus balances

4. Mixed bet

5. Active and queued bonuses

6. Wagering requirements

7. Slot machines allowed for wagering

8. Viewing of balances, bonuses, and wagering

9. Winnings withdrawal

10. Bonus validity period

11. Bonus delivery

12. Bonus status

13. Deposit and no deposit bonus

14. Types of bonuses

15. Free Spins

16. Bonus Package

17. Bonus settings

18. Subject to the deposit amount

19. Multiple redemption

20. Bonus abuse

The Slots City online casino Website is powered by cutting-edge technology to provide each registered User with a virtually unlimited number of generous exclusive bonuses that extend gameplay time and enhance the gaming experience, with the possibility of real winnings.


1.1. For your convenience, your Slots City online casino Game Account is made up of several types of balances:

  • Cash balance;
  • Bonus balances.

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2.1. Cash balance consists of:

  • Those funds that the User has deposited;
  • All winnings derived from bets placed only from Cash balance funds;
  • Bonus funds that have met the applicable wagering requirements, within the applicable maximum cash out limit;
  • Amounts of bonuses, free spins winnings, prizes, compensations, rewards, gifts, etc., which are not subject to wagering requirements;
  • Other funds that are not inconsistent with this Bonus Policy and the Terms and Conditions.

2.2. Cash balance funds, provided they are available in sufficient amount, can be used at any time at the discretion of the User:

  • To place any applicable bets on any games on the Website without further restrictions on bet amount, maximum cash out, wagering requirements, etc. (unconditional bet);
  • To make a withdrawal request in accordance with the Terms and Conditions;
  • To make any other transactions not inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions.

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3.1. Each bonus or bonus package has its own balance. Bonus balances are the funds which are subject to wagering requirements, namely:

  • The initial amounts of bonuses such as match deposit (within the maximum bonus amount set), cash bonus, cashback, bonus packages, etc. which the User has redeemed with a deposit;
  • The initial amounts of bonuses such as cash bonus, cashback, etc. which the User received without making a deposit (non-deposit bonuses);
  • Free spins winnings (unlimited);
  • All winnings derived from bets that were placed entirely from the Bonus balance as well as winnings derived from mixed bets, which were placed jointly using Cash and Bonus balance;
  • Winnings in lotteries, tournaments, promotions, etc.;
  • Compensations, rewards, gifts, prizes, etc.;
  • Other funds that are not inconsistent with this Bonus Policy and the Terms and Conditions and which need to be wagered as well.

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4.1. If you have funds in both Cash and Bonus balance, first, you will place bets using your Cash balance. Bonus funds will only be used if your Cash balance is insufficient for the bet you are placing.

4.2. If the bet amount you are placing exceeds your Cash balance, the missing amount will be automatically deducted from your Bonus balance, provided that:

  • You have a sufficient Bonus balance;
  • You play a slot machine that accepts bets with bonus funds.

4.3. When you place a mixed bet using both your Cash and Bonus balance at the same time:

  • All your possible winnings will be fully credited to your Bonus balance;
  • Only the amount charged from your Bonus balance will contribute towards the wagering requirements.

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5.1. The bonuses in queue are those redeemed with deposits or claimed no-deposit bonuses (in both cases – activated), which have not been canceled and applicable wagering requirements have not been met.

5.2. Active bonus is a bonus that has been activated first among all others in queue.

5.3. Wagering requirements can only be met for the Active bonus. To fulfill them for the second one in queue, you must first meet playthrough requirements of the Active bonus or cancel it. After that, the second bonus in queue will become the first, i.e. Active, etc.

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6.1. Wagering (playthrough, rollover) requirements primarily specify the coefficient by which the initial bonus amount and/or free spins winnings must be multiplied to determine the total amount of bets required to qualify for withdrawal of bonus funds and the winnings associated with those funds.

6.2. For example, your bonus is 50 CAD/EUR with an applicable wagering requirements of 30xB, therefore you need to bet the total amount of 1,500 CAD/EUR (50 x 30) before qualifying for withdrawal of the bonus and winnings derived from the bonus funds.

6.3. See p.8.5 below to check the amount to be wagered as you are playing an Active bonus.

6.4. As long as you fulfill the wagering requirements, all possible winnings are credited to the Bonus balance.

6.5. Usually a max bet while wagering is set, e.g. C$/€ 5. In spite of that, all winnings derived from any applicable bets will be credited to the Bonus balance. But only bets no higher than C$/€ 5 will contribute towards wagering requirements.

6.6. Wagering is only allowed on slot machines mentioned in section 7 of this Policy. All applicable bets on those slots, subject to p.6.5, contribute 100% towards the wagering requirements.

6.7. Once you have met the applicable wagering requirements:

  • The Bonus balance amount not exceeding the maximum cash out limit will be transferred to the Cash balance and will become available for placing unconditional bets or withdrawing funds;
  • The remaining Bonus balance amount will be zeroed out;
  • Cleared Bonus balance will be replenished with the amount of the next bonus in queue, if any, or newly activated bonus, which will become Active.

6.8. If the funds of the Bonus balance run out before the applicable wagering requirements are met, this balance will be topped up with the amount of the next bonus in queue, if any, or newly activated bonus.

6.9. Some online casinos may apply wagering requirements to both the bonus funds and the amount you deposit. For example, 35x(B+D), where B – bonus, D – deposit. At Slots City you need to wager only bonuses, e.g. 40xB.

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7.1. Placing bets with Bonus funds and meeting wagering requirements only is possible in slot machines without progressive jackpots, which are authorized by the Website for playing bonuses.

7.2. Slots City always allows you to bet with bonus funds on slots that offer free spins as part of promotions during these promotions.

7.3. In the balance field of the slots where you can bet with bonus funds you are shown а mixed balance of Cash balance and Active bonus balance.

7.4. You cannot bet with Bonus funds:

  • On the slot machines with progressive jackpots;
  • Table games;
  • Games with a LIVE dealer;
  • In slot machines with no reels;
  • In crash games;
  • In slot machines, tournaments, and promotions where only bets with Cash balance are acceptable;
  • And some others.

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8.1. Mixed balance is the sum of the available Cash balance plus the Active bonus balance.

8.2. In order to provide you with an enjoyable, smooth, and seamless gaming experience, you are shown (in the currency of your choice) a Mixed balance as the total amount you can count on to bet:

  • In the Balance field in slots where you can bet with bonus funds (in the Balance field of other games you can only see the Cash balance, if any);
  • In the Balance section (at the top of the Website home page) – Mixed balance is called as Balance;
  • In the Account – Your Balance;
  • In the Cashier – Balance.

8.3. You can see your Cash balance, called Withdrawal:

  • In the Balance section;
  • In the Account;
  • In the Cashier.

8.4. You can see the balance of your Active bonus:

  • In the Balance section (at the top of the Website home page) – called an Active Bonus;
  • In the Account – Bonuses;
  • In the Bonuses section – Balance.

8.5. You can see the total amount of bets left to meet the wagering requirements of the Active bonus:

  • In the Balance section – called Wagering;
  • In the Account – Bonus wagering.

8.6. You can see all your bonuses in queue:

  • In the Balance section – in Details;
  • In the Bonuses section – with tag Active or In Queue.

8.7. You can see all your bonus offers, pending deposit or acceptance of:

  • In the Bonuses section;
  • In the Cashier (after choosing a payment method).

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9.1. Once you make a withdrawal request:

  • You will forfeit all activated bonuses in queue, including the Active one, and all associated Bonus balances will be zeroed;
  • This means that the bonus queue (Details section under Balance) will be cleared, as well as in the Bonuses section, all bonuses tagged Active and In Queue will be canceled;
  • As for no deposit bonuses, you will forfeit even those ones that have not yet been claimed.

9.2. Free spins and withdrawal.

9.2.1. All sets of free spins that have been activated but not yet all triggered will be deactivated.

9.2.2. But once you go back to the slot machine valid for those free spins, until they expire, start or continue playing on free spins and obtain at least one win, then the associated Bonus balance will be reactivated:

  • All winnings obtained in this free spins round no matter before or after applying for withdrawal, will be recovered on the Bonus balance;
  • Also, if there is a match or cash bonus paired with these free spins in the bonus package, it will also be reactivated in full.

9.3. Forfeitable bonuses. At Slots City online casino all bonuses are forfeitable (non-sticky). They do carry wagering requirements, but since the User begins playing for the funds from the Cash balance, if they record a win, they are free to make a withdrawal request without meeting the wagering requirements. The User can just cancel the bonuses at any time or forfeit them when applying for a withdrawal.

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10.1. The bonus validity period is specified in the applicable promotion rules on the Website, in emails, messengers, social medias, and in the Bonuses section as a countdown counter. At the end of the promotion the bonus is void.

10.2. The timeframe for the bonus to meet the wagering requirements after activation is specified in the bonus details. This period is usually 72 hours.

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11.1. There are two ways to provide bonuses to the User.

11.2. Direct offer in the Bonuses and Cashier section. In this case the User sees all the bonuses offered to him/her, sees the time left until the end of the promotion, and has the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the details of each bonus and redeem it at their own discretion.

11.3. Bonus code issuing. This is a combination of capital letters and numbers, including 5 to 10 characters, which comes with a bonus.

11.3.1. The User can redeem the bonus code in the Bonus Code item of the 3 bar menu (hamburger button) or on the welcome bonus tab, where every new User is put right after registration.

11.3.2. In certain settings, the User has the opportunity to simply click on the Bonus Code and redeem it in this way.

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12.1. Bonus offer. Bonus appears in the Bonuses section and is ready to be redeemed by making a deposit, according to the bonus details. As for no deposit bonus, clicking on the Claim button immediately activates it and queues it to meet wagering requirements. Also, pending bonuses appear in the Cashier section, but only after choosing a payment method.

12.2. Bonus is activated (claimed or redeemed). In the Bonuses section it is marked as Active or In Queue. As for the free spins or bonus packages, a Play button appears allowing the User to go directly to the slot machine for which the free spins are valid. Also, activated bonuses are presented in the Details of the Balance section.

12.3. Bonus is Active. This is the only or first among the other activated bonuses. Its amount is credited to the Bonus balance and awaits to meet the wagering requirements after the funds of the Cash balance become insufficient to place the chosen bet. Wagering other activated bonuses in queue is possible only after the Active bonus playthrough requirements are met or it has been canceled.

12.4. Bonus canceled. The User has the option to cancel the Active bonus (Cancel button). The bonus will then be removed from the Bonuses section and the Details section of the Balance.

12.5. Bonus forfeited. Once you make a withdrawal request, you will forfeit all bonuses, listed in section 9.

12.6. Bonus expired. Once the bonus expires or exceeds the time frame limit for meeting the wagering requirements after bonus activation, it will be automatically removed from the Bonuses section (Details section in the Balance) and its balance will be reset to zero.

12.7. Bonus deactivated. Once a withdrawal request is made, the balance of each activated bonus will be deactivated.

12.8. Bonus reactivated. If the free spins have been activated but not all of them have been launched, their bonus balance can be reactivated. In this case, the amount of the bonus (match or cash) paired with these free spins in the bonus package will also be reactivated. More details – in the p.9.2.2 of this Bonus Policy.

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13.1. Deposit Bonus. Activated by depositing an amount equal to or greater than the amount specified in the applicable promotion rules and bonus details.

13.1.1. Only one user-selected bonus or bonus package can be activated with one qualifying deposit.

13.2. No deposit bonus. No deposit is required for activation. Usually, it is credited to the Bonus balance for performing a certain action (it may be user verification, email/phone confirmation, taking a survey, etc.) or as a reload bonus, a gift, a greeting, congratulation, encouragement, incentive, reward, etc.

13.2.1. An example of a no deposit bonus is a Reload bonus. There are free spins awarded to the User for deposits made within the previous week. The bet for these free spins depends on the amount and number of deposits made.

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14.1. Cash bonus (free chip). This is a certain amount of money credited to the User's Bonus Balance once redeemed and being Active. Usually, like most bonuses, it qualifies for withdrawal once the wagering requirements have been met. In the case of a bonus with no wagering requirements, the funds are credited directly to the Cash balance.

14.2. Match bonus, or match deposit, or match. Slots City matches a percentage of the User's deposit with bonus funds. This bonus can vary widely, from 30% to 200% or more, depending on the casino's offer.

14.3. Cashback. It is a percentage of the cash funds spent by the User on bets without winnings derived, which is returned to them as a bonus.

14.3.1. Cashback calculation.

  • The total amount of winnings derived from the bets placed with the cash funds shall be deducted from the total amount of those bets.
  • Then, the difference obtained is multiplied by the value of the cashback (in percent) and credited to the Bonus balance.

14.3.2. If the total amount of winnings exceeds the amount of bets, no cashback is awarded.

14.3.3. Cashback may be subject to wagering requirements, including a maximum bet limit.

14.3.4. The cashback may be restricted to a maximum bonus amount and maximum cash out.

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15.1. Free spins (FS) allows the User to spin the reels on the slot machine specified in the bonus details a fixed number of times, with a certain bet, without spending their own funds, except for those required to redeem the bonus (if necessary).

15.2. The foregoing in p.4.1 does not apply to the use of free spins, which can be launched at any time from the moment they have been activated.

15.3. Winnings derived from free spins are unlimited and credited to the Bonus balance without any restrictions.

15.4. Only some providers offer free spins in their slots. Notably, some of them offer free spins of a separated type, while others offer free spins of an aggregated type.

  • In slots with free spins of the separated type, free spins winnings are credited to the bonus balance each time they are obtained;
  • In slots with free spins of the aggregated type, the total free spins winnings will be credited to the Bonus balance once after all bonus free spins have been launched.

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16.1. There is a “2-in-1” bonus per one deposit, that may be of two types:

  • Free spins paired up with a match bonus;
  • Free spins alongside the cash bonus.

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17.1. Maximum bonus. Determines the maximum amount that can be credited to the User as a bonus, regardless of how large the amount deposited is. Applicable to match bonus and cashback only.

17.2. Max cash out. This is the maximum amount that can be transferred to the Cash balance once the applicable wagering requirements for the bonus amount and/or free spins winnings have been met, regardless of how big the winnings derived from that bonus amount and/or free spins winnings.

17.3. Bet. There is a fixed bet to play for free spins. This bet is not applicable to e.g. match or cash bonus which may go alongside the free spins in the bonus package, but to free spins only.

17.4. Slot. There is a certain slot machine, for which some free spins are valid (may be subject to the deposit amount).

17.5. Max bet while wagering – see more in the p.6.5 of this Bonus Policy.

17.6. Timeframe within which wagering requirements must be met after bonus activation.

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18.1. For both single bonuses and bonus packages, some bonus settings may be subject to the amount deposited, if this is specified in the bonus details. There are:

  • Max cash out;
  • Percentage of the match bonus;
  • Amount of the cash bonus;
  • Free spins bet;
  • The slot that is valid for free spins;
  • Number of free spins.

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19.1. Some bonuses or bonus packages can be redeemed a certain number of times if this is stipulated in their details.

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20.1. Bonuses on the Website are provided to incentivize and encourage active, prolonged playing with maximum enjoyment and winnings, if the User succeeds. The User is not allowed to abuse the bonus offers. In case of suspicion of such actions, Slots City reserves the right to:

  • Stop granting bonuses to such a User – both by offering bonuses on the Website and by providing a Bonus code;
  • Cancel all bonuses granted to the User, those pending the deposit or acceptance of;
  • Zero out the current Bonus balances of the User;
  • Cancel all bonuses in queue, both redeemed with deposit and claimed without it.

20.2. Slots City reserves the right to withhold or confiscate any bonuses or winnings resulting from fraud or other dishonest activities.

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